Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Chandler Winning Entry

Recalling Lost Memories

What more to you can I say,

To bring the joy and recollection,

That should come so naturally on Mistmas Day?

Dare I ask you to walk the long way,

Forgotten so often by all who went before?


That same way, called Golden Lane,

Is a muted place, filled with peace and silence.

The songs of a fading morning wane,

As we walk that road washed clean with rain,

Recalling the precious things lost long ago.


That lane, shadowed and calm, makes not a trial,

Of recalling the memories so faintly known.

It makes the task, once irksome and futile,

Far more interesting and worthwhile,

Than had you remembered in a place less special.


Your voice rises, excited and glad,

Now that you know the things once lost,

And a small, trivial thing, no longer sad,

Were the hours spent roaming the world to add,

Within your heart those memories forgotten.


The dusky gloom of night draws nigh,

As we reach the old door to our home,

And in that place, on the tree and sitting by,

Are the silver, twinkling stars, plucked from the sky,

That I gave to you on that Mistmas Day so long ago.