Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

darkling280 Winning Entry

�An interesting book,� Tarou remarked, really to no one in particular. There wasn't anyone else in his room, or even his apartment.
�Hmm, it seems like it has quite a few stories in it... let's see...� muttered Tarou, flipping through the yellowed and frayed pages of the ancient book.
�A mass-escape of Znakes?� Tarou announced, a little surprised.
�I've never heard about this! I suppose I'll read this one.�

Long ago, in the lands of Mistica, there came to be a creature called the Znake. This being was discovered even before the Zisscor, so the reptilians' appearance mystified all who saw it. There were those who kept them as pets, and those who used them for battle. But, there were also those who caught and sold them for a far more sinister purpose- you see, Znakes, because of their shape, make perfect scarves. They're shiny and their scales are surprisingly soft, so not only were these Znake scarves comfortable, but they were also quite attractive. This is the story of a Znake who led an escape from the scarf-producers of Rordon Village.

There was once a Znake by the name of Hebi. Hebi was an ambitious young Znake, and had planned to move away from Rordon Village and explore the land of Mistica. However, his plans took an unexpected turn when he was caught by Znake-hunters. Now, these hunters happened to sell their entire catch to a company called Znakey Zcarves Inc., the largest Znake-made scarf-producing company in Rordon. Hebi was promptly shoved in a cage next to other Znakes.

�Erk... what happened?� Hebi asked, dazedly. He guessed that he'd been whacked on the head with some kind of stick of some sorts, and was still a little out of it. The Znake in the cage next to him turned around and decided to respond to Hebi's question.
�You're at the scarf company, Znakey Zcarves Inc.,� answered the Znake.
�Scarf company? But that means...!� Here Hebi trailed off, the reality of his current situation dawning upon him.
�Yes. We're going to be made in to scarves,� the Znake replied solemnly.
Immediately, Hebi began formulating a plan of escape.

The next morning, Hebi awoke to the same iron cage. Nothing had changed overnight, except a few Znakes had disappeared. For some reason, Hebi had a faint inkling of a plan that he just might have come up with last night, but it quickly became lost in the early-morning stupor.
�If only I could remember that pl-� and here he cut himself off, for... it just came back to him! Hebi blinked, and solidified the plan's schematics into his mind. He prepared an announcement for the entirety of the captured Znakes.
�Znakes of all races, hear me! I've got a plan to get all of us out of here and back into freedom!�
�And what would that be, exactly?� One of the more cynical Znakes asked.
�We slip through the bars!� Hebi exclaimed.
The Znakes all looked at each other in amazement, most of it directed towards the fact that none of them had even considered this idea before. The all easily slipped out of their cages.
Shouts of �We're free!� and �Onwards!� echoed through the holding area as a multitude of Znakes surged forward. Overwhelming the factory's security, the Znakes broke free and sped in to Mistica's large ocean, which Rordon Village was next to. It's a little-known fact, but Znakes are partly amphibious, thus this oceanic escape was quite a smart move.

And that was the last that was seen of the Znakey Zcarves Inc.'s Znakes.

Tarou closed the book.
�Well, that was certainly... entertaining? Other than using way to many 'z's, that is...�
Overflowing with useless words that started with �z�, Tarou decided to give reading a rest for today.