Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 26

Fox Winning Entry

Keilly was enjoying her day. The Feast of Giving was upon Mistica and everyone was rushing into her shop and buying up every cake, pastry, and goodie she had. Parents pulled in their hungry kids, pulling them away from the shelves lined with beautiful cupcakes and frostings as they greedily grabbed at all of the delicious looking snacks that were within their grasp. Many people flocked to her shop for Keilly made all of the best baked goods in all of Mistica, and this year she had been granted with a very special treat.

Pandoria herself had requested a cake, made just for her.

Keilly was beside herself! To be given the honor of making a cake for the fearless leader herself, the great and all powerful Pandoria...it was a dream come true! She spent days, weeks, MONTHS planning out the perfect cake, and finally, on the day of giving, she had finally finished her masterpiece.

A seven-tiered, star-studded, shimmering white icing, deep blue frosting cake lined with glowing roses that sparkled brightly in the light or dark, and a beautiful star on top that shone like no other star ever shone before.

Keilly could almost cry at how beautiful this cake was. And, as she carried it carefully out the door of her bakery to Pandoria's chambers, she saw other people actually crying as well. This was going to be the most amazing cake Mistica had ever tasted.

She weaved her way in and out of traffic, pulling the cake behind her in a small dolly, careful to avoid every bump and cranny on the streets. People tipped their hats to her, and many followed her up towards the winding path to Pandoria's banquet hall where Pandoria herself had invited the whole of Mistica to dine with her in her palace. Mesmerized by the cake, many of the people that followed her stumbled over others, running into things, and tripping over themselves as they all stared at the gorgeous morsel, wishing they could have just a taste.

Finally Keilly made her way into the banquet hall where most everyone had already gathered and were seated. It was more amazing than she could have ever imagined! Food was everywhere, plates completely full, kids and adults alike grabbing at every plate that passed by. There were full turkeys filled to the brim with cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce, potatoes and yam and sweet sauces, elderberry flower cordial, rourdon coffee, mistical stew piled high with leeks and sage, cheesy bread and homemade sausages with mustards, all manners of sauteed vegetables and creme sauces, fountains of gravy everywhere you looked, mountains piled high of fresh breads and assorted butters, and the smell of it all filled the entire banquet hall immensely. Everyone was sighing with happiness, filling their plates over and over again, laughing, talking, singing, and enjoying the company of everyone around them.

And, at the head of the table sat Pandoria, proud and mighty, glowing like starlight. Keilly felt her heart race. Pandoria had noticed her and motioned her over. It was time for dessert!

Keilly made sure to go over her cake once more, fixing any little imperfections. She dusted herself off, held her head high, picked up the cake ever so carefully, and started walking towards Pandoria. She was almost halfway down the hallway when she heard the worst two possible words she could have ever heard...


It was chaos! She ducked as the first roll zipped by her head, then it was on! She weaved and ducked, parried and sidestepped as handfuls of stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes, and bits of broccoli flew by, somehow pushing the cake closer and closer to Pandoria. She leapt onto the table at one point, jumping over the hurdles of gravy fountains, baskets of biscuits, and cheesy dip while also tilting the cake this way and that to avoid the various foods that all seemed to want to destroy it.

"ENOUGH!" A loud voice boomed. Pandoria was standing now, and the whole room completely stopped all at once. Even the food seemed to hang midair when she spoke. Keilly wished she could be suspended as well, but she had made her way to the end of the table, and had tripped on a single grape.

And let the cake fly right into Pandoria's face.

The whole room was dead silent as Pandoria slowly wiped the cake from her eyes. Keilly, now laying down on the table, stared up in dismay as Pandoria took a finger, swiped it across her face, and showed Keilly the cake frosting that had coated it.

"This...is the cake you made me...correct?"

Keilly could only gulp and nod slowly.

The whole room watched as Pandoria stared at her finger, now covered in blue and white cake, and put it in her mouth.

And smiled.

"This is..the BEST CAKE I'VE EVER HAD!" Pandoria gleamed, lifting Keilly off the table and hugging her, covering her in the same cake frosting. "Gordon! My chef, you've GOT to try this!"

Gordon opened his mouth to say he'd be happy to, but before he could a large mound of cake slapped him in the face. Pandoria laughed as Gordon looked at her in shock, then licked his face.

"OH! It IS good! Try some you guys!" He exclaimed as he picked up another mound, flinging it at the nearest patron. Soon, the whole room was roaring in laughter again, flinging mounds of Keilly's cake and sighing in happiness at how good it was.

And Keilly smiled, watching everyone enjoy her cake, especially Pandoria who was now trying to lick every last bit off of the table.