Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 24

Myth Winning Entry

The bouquet of flashing figures
danced a pattern in the air
braenons free of cares and worries
as they flew through the sun's glare

A drive of belragoth
flying straight and fast and true
unthinking and unspeaking
snorting fire as they flew

When their path collide
All freeze in a moment of surprise
a battle cry rings from both sides
As fighting fills the skies

The belragoth have teeth and claws
But the braenon have their cunnings
As feathers fly and fire flares
They fight like mindless things.

The battle seems unending
Forces matched without a fail
Then a cunning baby braenon bites
The belragoth king on the tail!

Darting in and darting out
Small size giving them the lead
Braenon harry all the belragoth
And cause them all to bleed

The dragons cry out in pain
And break free from the fight
They run away in a great haste
While they're still alright.

The battle won, the braenon's cheered
And leapt and crowed in pleasure
Then they went back to dancing in the air
Carefree and happy now forever.