Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 24

Jeshikakitty Winning Entry

The swords were sharpened, held at hand
Each enemy hoping every hit would land
Heads held high, mouths dry
Hundreds of warriors stood on each side
Poised for battle, they ran into war
The cries could be heard from shore to shore
Hundreds of soldiers, from cheran's to vix
did lay their scratches, bites and kicks
blood was shed, tensions were thick
every warrior did stand tall
through the fear and rage, they all began to fall
one by one the opposing sides
did meet the same demise
from the midst of terror, the clash of metal followed by cries
an ancient guardian defended both sides
all who fought were turned to stone
and now they all stand, never alone
poised for battle, commencing or done
Now they remain forever against the rising sun