Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 24

Reeses Winning Entry

Everything's that true and well
Must someday break from its spell.
Glory falls and havens break
Leaving tearful destruction in it's wake.
What happened on Lysithea's face
T'was dastardly result of a brutal case.
What's the reason, what's really real?
Bathed in secrets, she tries to heal.
Lysithea, so broken, so torn
How did such wonder turn so forlorn?

Once upon a peaceful noon
Sounded the warning cry, the sharpened tune.
The citizens, hidden from the world
Couldn't allow their secrets to unfurl.
To and fro, they packed away
All they had of their lives that day.
Then no life thrived on Lysithea's face
A mysterious, deserted, forgotten place.

She shattered, her beauty thrown away
A pearl white surface now turned grey.
To this day she's no better well
And her story she can never tell.