Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 24

Roxanne Winning Entry

"Lean it a bit -- WOAAAH!" There was a splintering crash.
"Vixen, move, and let me try to get it..." Roxanne's voice was wavering, not with uncertainty, but with held-in laughter. These sounds were echoing from Roxanne's house, in their "Treasure Room", or safety deposit room. You see, it was time for Spring Cleaning in the safety deposit room, where Roxanne and her family kept their so-called 'treasures'.

Roxanne had employed the entire family to help. Haze emerged from beneath a heap of items, carrying a fish head, a dried-up Cactus Drink, and what appeared to be the mummified remains of a creepy potato. Some treasures. The Ahbruis dropped them on the ground without a second thought. "Geez, how do things like this get in here?" she complained, licking her paw.

Pendant, a Daydream Lirionox, wove her way through the towers of haphazardly stacked items, two struggling creatures held in her mouth. As they shook, they became recognizable as two dust-covered Chipuffs. Vixen was sweeping Snowflake Plushies into a pile with her tail, and beating away a Gaitaz that insisted on diving into them. She deposited them outside. "I don't know, but I'll bet that a museum would like some of this stuff," Pendant teased.

"Mmm-hmm. Probably," Roxanne muttered. She was preoccupied with the items she was sorting. In a box labeled "Keep" were Traveler's Charms, some exotic foods, beanbags, and plushies. In the opposing box, "Sell / Bury / Donate", were plushies, old Advent items, and some trick Shiny Pandoria Boxes. She was puzzling over a set of High Muckety eggs.

"Hey! Look what I found!" Sym's voice was loud, even in the muffled environment. Roxanne's head jerked up, and various crashes around the room told her that the others had heard Sym too. As they all tried to reach the Phantom Lirionox, they sent boxes tumbling down, items avalanching, and lost MisticPals scurrying for dear life, trying to avoid the wreckage.

"What is it, Sympathize?" Roxanne demanded, looking quite vexed at being called for apparently nothing. Aluhio shared her expression, while Vixen and Haze looked curious. Pendant sniffed and looked disdainfully at the dust as it swirled around her.

"I think that there's something in here," she whispered. The Lirionox moved a blanket that had been draped over a large box.

All at once, a flood of Misticpals came roaring out of the box. There were great numbers of Circuitrix, Doslings, Znakes, and many others, all rushing forward. They chittered angrily and hissed, driving everyone away from the box. Roxanne picked up a broom and swatted an Anterkis out of her way to the door. "Abandon mission! Retreat!" She cried.

The pets retreated collectively, following their owner's example. Soon, their precious Treasure Room was overrun by demonic MisticPals, who were ripping and chewing books, boxes, plushies, and beanbags alike. Roxanne watched, dumbstruck, through the window as they demolished her things. It was Vixen who broke the silence.

"Well, we didn't really need all of that stuff, right?" she asked as the MisticPals tunneled through a One Year cake. "I mean, really, we should thank them! They helped us to clean out our old junk--" Roxanne glared at her.

Then her expression softened. She was right, after all... Now they only had to rake out the remnants of their items and clear out the MisticPals. So, they spent the remainder of the day corralling rowdy critters and stuffing them into cages to be shipped off to the Pound, to keep the pets company. Now, if they could only keep it clean!