Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 24

Rynn Winning Entry

It feels like I've been sleeping,
But for how long-who knows?
Whatever the case might be,
It feels wonderful to stretch
These long, limber green arms.
..Arm? I have green arms?
When did this happen to me?
Is this what my mother spoke of?
I stretch my arms again, flexing.
This feels absolutely wonderful!
I poke my head off of my pillow,
Loving the way I was able to move.
I bent and twisted and stretched again.
Could it be that I was growing?
As my head breaks the surface,
I look around, left and right.
My brothers and sisters are out!
They each wave a hello, I wave back.
We all looked the exact same!
All around, I see more new heads
Emerge from their cold slumber,
We each greet them as well.
This is what we've waited for,
The end of winter, start of spring!