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Welcome to Issue 9
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Delight Pixie: Caring do-gooder or evil spy?
Written By Bitter Conspiracy Theorist

Dear Mistica Chronicles,
It has come to my attention that we are at the brink of acceptance for this small little creature, the Delight Pixie. For reasons I can't even begin to fathom, the Delight Pixie's visits are greeted with happiness, even envy on the part of those who wished her visits on themselves rather than on others. It's obvious that people want the Delight Pixie to come because she seems harmless. She even occasionally gives away nice gifts to lure the good citizens of Mistica into complacency, but has anyone stopped to think about where those gifts come from? What kind of little "harmless" Pixie could possibly afford to give out such nice gifts on such a large scale unless she had an ulterior motive!

I believe the Delight Pixie is a front. The true Pixie is a spy working for some evil entity in Mistica who is gathering information on all our doings and whereabouts for nefarious purposes. Obviously, this ultimate evil is the one who is supplying her with the gifts she uses to entice Misticans, and it is with these gifts that Mistica has come to accept her, trust her, even love her. Everyone wants to welcome her into their home, and when she leaves, they eagerly await her return. No one seems to realize that with her gifting, she has become so accepted that she can be anywhere!

That's right, let me say it again; she can be anywhere!

She appears when you're in the Battledome, when you're looking through your Safety Deposit Box for valuables, when you're checking your bank account, when you're writing private letters. She could be there at any time. How Mistica is able to sleep at night knowing this menace is alive and well is something I cannot possibly fathom. She keeps an eye on our every move and why Mistica tolerates it is beyond me, but the invasion must end now! We must put a stop to this gross breach of privacy and see the Pixie for who she really is; an evil, two-timing monster who gains our trust through bribery, then stabs us in the backs by relaying our information back to the evil omnipotence that lurks in the shadows.

That is why I'm sending this letter to you, Chronicles. Please print this so that everyone who reads it can become aware of this monstrosity. We must reclaim our rights to our privacy!

Signed Very Sincerely,
Bitter Conspiracy Theorist


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