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Welcome to Issue 89
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Let's Play a Game: Infestation Tips and Tricks
Written By TheBrokenFox Reprint

Are you a little nervous about the upcoming Infestation season? The best way to get rid of that extra energy is to get out there and play Infestation, the game! Need some pointers on how to get the most out of your game? Can’t come up with the courage to face all those lovebugs alone? Well fear no more! Here are a few tips and tricks you might try the next time you feel like taking out some of those crazy critters!

Let’s start with what we know. When we begin, we start with Alex, our main-man Belragoth, who has 3 lives, 4 clusters of blockades, and 4 rows of enemies blowing him kisses, drawing ever nearer. Alex can move left and right, as well as shoot. First tip, you can hold down the space bar to continue shooting as long as you don’t move. Once you move, however, you will have to press the space bar again. Now as for the enemies, the rows alternate from 5 to 6 enemies per row. They all move in unison, always starting with the right side. They will move right, drop, move left, drop, and repeat until you have either killed them all and moved to the next tier, ran out of lives, or they get too close. For reference, each set of 4 rows that you encounter I will call a tier from now on. As you defeat them, they will take chunks out of your blockades and rain upon you terror in the form of little kisses. As you defeat more enemies, they will progressively move faster. As you defeat more tiers, the enemy’s endurance will become higher and higher and they will take more hits to destroy. LuvBirds take 1 hit, Dwagorn take 2, Febluv 3, FlutaLuv 4, Tudlei 5, and Loovster 6. These are all the enemies I have encountered. If you have seen others, or wish to add any information of your own, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or message me!

Now that we are equipped with the knowledge, let’s walk through how I would play a normal game. To begin, I go straight to the right-hand corner and set up shop. I take out the very last block of the blockade, or go just to the right of that. If you look at the scenery, there is a huge cluster of grass hanging over the edge. If you keep between there and the edge you will do fine for the first few tiers. Try to stay in one position as long as you can, moving and re-aiming only when you are going to get hit. Helpful hint, the only part of Alex that makes you lose a life is his head and the middle of this body. His wings do not get hit. Once you have made it through a few of the tiers, most of your blockades will be gone. I personally find them more of a nuisance, but then again, they can be useful if you are chasing down the last of the herd. I like to take down as many as I can in columns, because the rows will get shorter, taking the enemies more time to go back and forth. This time is precious, and in later tiers, can be life or death. Be on guard as you get further into the tiers, as you will soon come across full rows of Tudleis and Loovsters. When it comes to these bad-boys, you do what you have to in order to survive. What I do is take out as many as I can in columns like normal, but then shift to do rows. With the enemies that take so many hits, it is hard to find the correct balance. However, if you alternate between columns and rows, you should get through just fine. If not, you can always try, try again!

Whether you collect cooties and love-bugs for display or you cower in your bedroom hiding from the little monsters, everyone can enjoy a heated battle at any time of the year! Those sneaky lovebugs and pesky cooties are always lurking, so what better way to practice for the yearly swarm than by playing Infestation?



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