Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 89
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Interview with Serena and Benson – Part 1
Written By Tempest

In the wake of the events that had followed for Mistimas, the Mistican News had contacted Charitee to interview the two kids who had gone on an adventure and brought back more than they bargained for. For two younglings, it should have been scary, but from what they heard from Charitee and others, they face their dangers and overcame hurdles that should have sent them running for cover.

It didn’t.

Jenelle Jinx, a daydream Jinx, stood up straight, her cameraman swinging the camera around as it focused on two pound nervous pets that made their way out of the pound with Charitee in back of them. With a nod, the cameraman turned on the camera and made a hand motion that he was rolling.

“Jenelle Jinx here. I’m standing in front of Charitee’s Pound and Donation Center, where two pets under her care risked everything to travel to Boreal’s Castle, under the pretense of apologizing on the fact that she had never been invited to Mistimas parties. This was all due to a snow beast, created from the magic of Boreal when she was sick, spooked the poofs and shyres that were carrying presents from Meriklaus. Seems there was more to this beast than these two little pets realized.” She explained, casting a hand in the direction of the pound.

The cameraman turned the camera down to get a good look at Serena and Benson as she approached Jenelle, Cheritee having a big smile on her face. The two nervous pets looked up at her and she gave them a gentle nod before patting them gently on the shoulder.

“It will be fine you two. They just want to ask you a few questions.” She whispered in both of their ears before departing, leaving the two baby pets in the presence of the jinx and her cameraman. It would have been a lie to say that they both weren’t nervous. After all, they made quite a bit of ruckus because of this adventure of theirs.

“It’s so good to meet you two in person. That was a very brave thing you did and all of us are very proud. We would just like to have a few words with you, if you don’t mind. I bet a lot of us will want to hear your tale just as it happened.” The Jinx explained, bending down and holding out her hand to shake theirs.

Benson glanced over at the lirionox beside him and nodded, “Okay! What would you like to know?” he asked.

To be continued…


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