Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 89
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Last Month in November
Written By Tempest

Welcome back to This Month! Here is where you can find all those important events or information that you might have missed. Went on a vacation and had no internet access during that time? Or maybe you are returning from a long hiatus? No problem! We have you all covered here!

1st – The first of the month is here, and what better way than to celebrate with a new blessing! Introducing, the blessed Marigold Vix.
3rd – As Lanurnacht ends, so does the Chamber. Until next time Mistica! Maybe we’ll see Robin again?
5th – The 5th bring us the Vending/Credit Shop Update as usual. The Jade Emporium Moved and we mustn’t forget to wish late Birthday Wishes to three staff members, Xeiana, Tempest and Fallout. Also, all champions will receive a nice Champion gift.
7th – It looks like something is brewing. A new faction competition is starting!
8th – Looks like the chef competition is underway. First up is Gordon, who made a nice decadent raspberry chocolate cake.
9th – Erika retaliated by making a lovely delicious chocolate tower.
10th – Clayton’s dish for this round stunned everyone. The chocolate adra sculpture looks too good to eat!
12th – It seems Clayton was right when he said just to declare him as the winner. Congratulations to Clayton! Round two starts soon!
14th – Round two begins and its Clayton’s turn, since he won round one. His dish this time is some fried calamari.
16th – Gordon’s dish this round is a cedar plank maple salmon, with Erika’s dish being citrus seaweed pudding. Who knows who will win this round!
18 – It looks like Gordon has won with his salmon dish! Congratulations!
20th – Round three starts with Erika’s turn. Her dish this round was a simple strawberry sorbet.
21st – Like Erika, Gordon produced a simple veggie egg muffins. It looked like he was having trouble on creating this disk.
22nd – Clayton was proud to reveal his acia berry smoothie and ice cubes. Who would have thought that would look so good?
23rd – Who would have thought! Erika and Clayton have tied. Tomorrow starts the final round. Just who will make the best final dish and win the competition?
24th – It’s the final round, but it seems like there is a new twist. Three leaders working together! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The winner will be announced tomorrow!
25th – At long last, we now have our winner. Please congratulate Gordon on a job well done!


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