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Created by The Mistic Pets Team

So You Want a Wintercursed Pet?
Written By Xeiana

While Wintergala and Wintergreen pets may be frolicking out in the snow as happy as a Baby in the midst of a sugar rush, the elusive and cold-hearted Wintercursed roam the forests at night. Many have a wrong perception of this theme due to it representing Boreal’s icy heart. The way their fur and feathers are frosted over and the perpetual icy breath that they breathe can send shivers down even the most fearsome Mistican’s spine. If you think you can survive next to this freezing entity, here are a few tricks you need to follow.

They are rather solidary creatures, preferring quiet and calm situations to loud and crowded settings. Even if you earn the trust of one, they don’t like to be seen much, unless you’d prefer to take long treks in the snowy wonderland they like to visit. Bring your jacket and snowboots, because it will never be warm there. There’s no shock that this theme resembles Boreal, which can turn many away.

Surprisingly, the rather playful Winterfrost, luckily more mellow than the other two, manage to tame the frosted outlook the Wintercurseds have. Since bother are pretty much encased in ice, they delight in watching snowflakes fall from the sky. Nimbus is another choice for a companion. Due to Nimbus pets causing it to rain everywhere, the presence of a Wintercursed instead turns the rain to snow and sleet. While the Nimbus pet stays nice and cool, they get to watch the snow rain down.

Overgrowths are known to despise the icy trail of death the Wintercurseds leave behind them. The premature winter aura can wilt them and send them into a frozen wonderland. Best to keep them away. Suprisingly Infernos aren’t neck to neck with Wintercursed, however just because they won’t attack each other due to their opposing elements, it doesn’t mean they will get along. From a distance they are fine, but together their tempers will flare. Wintergreen and Wintergala are too high-strung and happy for the silent frosty beasts. You’ll only make things worse while your home becomes a freezing tundra, as Wintercurseds tend to let the aura around them change with their moods.

If you can stand the coldness that follows them around, and can find the perfection companion to keep them company when you would rather be near a nice toasty fire, you can perhaps consider getting a Wintercursed. No themed pet is easy to own, but the Wintercursed requires a special touch. Just don’t forget gloves, you don’t want frostbite.


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