Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 89
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Lyra's News Report
Written By Xeiana

The camera focuses on Lyra as she bends down to entertain some of the children.

Evan: Lyra, we're on!

Lyra almost jumps into position, patting the small child on their head as they ran back to where the piles of gifts lay.

Lyra: Oh, welcome back everyone! I am Lyra from Mistic News Channel 3 reporting in with Charitee as we talk with some of the children here.

The camera shifts to reveal Charitee sitting on the ground with a bunch of children either laying with her or crawling on top of her. She was practically glowing with happiness.

Lyra: Due to unforeseen and quite unbelievable events, two brave little children, Serena and Benson, managed to foil Boreal's plot to overthrow Mistmas and retrieve the presents. They even made a special friend along the way. Sadly he has left with Meri Klaus but we are reassured that he will make an appearance next year!

Evan chuckles as he moves the camera to include Aurelius as he inspects one of the empty boxes that came... well... empty. The star's face was scrunched up in a thoughtful way, turning it this and that. Instantly the kids swarmed him, wanting him to help them build a box fort with them. Aurelius relented way too quickly under their shining eyes.

Lyra: Well everyone, once the kids settle down, Charitee and a few of them want to share some stories with us after the break! We'll see you then!

Evan, ever the forgetful one, leaves the camera on and puts it down on the table nearby. He holds out a present for Lyra who perks up.

Lyra: For me? Isn't it a little late?

Evan: Oh just open it already.

Lyra picks at the bow and lifts the top, only to squeal in a very unprofessional manner.

Lyra: Ahhh! A new microphone? Oh and this one is the professional grade too. Oh Evan thank you!

Lyra throws her arms around her coworker and then vanishes outside to grab something. She returns and hands a small package out to Evan. He opens it eargerly and gapes down at it. He pulls out a new camera strap and his eyes shine.

Evan: Lyra, how did you know I was looking at this?

Lyra: Evan, when it shows up on your history browser over one hundred times, it's a bit obvious, my friend. Come on now, let's get some hot cocoa before our break is over.


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