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Erlenmeyer Case Notes
Written By Dr. Erlenmeyer

Drowsius timekupt

Common Name: Finyr

Plural: Finyr

Habitat: All are born in Darkwood Hollow and their form can be manipulated by the mushrooms they consume there. Once they leave Darkwood Hollow however, they can no longer change forms.

Diet: Finyr are almost entirely carnivores, their usual prey any smaller misticpals they can get their claws on during the short periods of time they are awake. The only exception to their carnivorous lifestyle is the mushrooms some consume to become Nightmare or Daydream Finyr.

Behaviour: Finyr are unusual in that they are only awake for a few hours a day, 3 or 4 depending on the type of Finyr they have become. In those few hours, wild Finyr will do their best to eat anything consumable around them, as well as travel as far from their last resting place as they can. In this manner, the Finyr who have survived their journeys have spread themselves across Mistica as fully as possible, and can be found in any environment.

Finyr, domesticated or not, make great pals for those who find themselves busy most hours of the day since they are only awake every six hours, and are only awake for a total of four hours a day. The other twenty hours they are a living pillow for the most part, and as long as you provide plenty of food for when they awaken they pose no danger. In fact, Misticans could be considered more of a danger to Finyr, as both the jewels on their heads and their lush manes and tail tufts are prized by poachers and illegal traders. Finyr are a protected species but since they are sitting targets for most of the day, protection efforts are strained at best. Finyr are also helpful as living alarm clocks as they awaken at exact times no matter where they end up living.

Variants: Finyr come in their common form, as well as in Nightmare and Daydream forms, as decided by which mushrooms they consume before leaving Darkwood Hollow in their youth. Nightmare and Daydream forms both are only awake for three hours a day instead of the usual four, as they must, for their own health, avoid either shadow or sunlight. Nightmare Finyr can become mortally wounded by spending even five minutes in uncontrolled sunlight, and so are only awake in the times after the sun has gone down and before it rises.

Daydream Finyr, on the other hand, need to absorb as much sunlight while awake as possible, leading to a hypothesis that sunlight is actually this form’s most important sustenance, with meat being secondary. Due to their sunlight dependence, these Finyr are only awake an active while the sun is blazing in the sky. Daydream Finyr are the rarest and the most targeted by poachers, for both their wings (used in windchime decorations) and their manes (known to be softer and silkier than their common or Nightmare counterparts). Nightmare Finyr are the most common, as poachers tend to avoid them. No part of their body is seen as particularly useful, although in whole they have been rumoured to protect the brave souls that own them from nightmares.


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