Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 89
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Dreaming of a White Mistmas
Written By Fish

“You okay, Claudia?”

“Yeah, it’s just…”


“Don’t you ever get snow around here?”

Claudia’s companion, a Frodrinn named Fester shook her head, ears flopping back and forth comically. The Rysylki sighed, diving back into her meticulously kept pool, hiding tears by mixing them with the water surrounding her. It wasn’t Fester’s fault, or their Legendary’s, and she knew it. Ravi-Sorin wasn’t a place for snow.

It didn’t stop the longing and heartbreak as yet another year, another Mistmas Eve, went by without Claudia sliding down sparkling snowbanks or leaping out of the water to catch snowflakes on her tongue.

By the time she had emerged from the pool to cool herself by her permanent fan on the deck, Fester had disappeared back into the house, probably to avoid sunburn on her sensitive ears. Why’d they have to live in Ravi-Sorin? It’s not like she or Fester really belonged here. Slumping back down halfway into the water, Claudia fell asleep dreaming of snowmen and ice skates.


Fester was digging around in their basement as Claudia was dreaming of Blizzard’s Realm, sorting through boxes under the guise of searching for Mistmas presents she bought in July. Of course, she was a terrible liar, but their Legendary left her alone, and Fester was none the wiser. Not like she had time to worry about being believed. She had a plan and a one-track mind, and all she needed to complete it was…


The Frodrinn tugged the dirty blue cooler out from under a stack of boxes, squeaking in alarm as they toppled around her. Before their Legendary could ask, Fester was up the stairs and out the door with the cooler in her claws, and as dusk settled around her she flapped wildly through the sky, hoping her internal compass wasn’t failing her. Due North shouldn’t be hard to find, not with the Sun having just set to her left, but she would never be sure, not until she reached her destination.

And then she’d have to find her way home.

It was worth it though, Claudia would definitely appreciate this gift so much more than the inevitably waterlogged books she had planned on giving her.

Fester flapped on, even more determined.


Claudia was the first one to gather around their tree on Mistmas morning, their Legendary still inside fixing coffee, and Fester unusually missing. The Rysylki moved with little ease towards the Frodrinn’s room, but she wasn’t on her usual perch. Nor was she in the kitchen, or by the pool or the roof. The more places she looked the more worried Claudia became. Where could Fester have gotten to?
It wouldn’t be Mistmas without her.

Claudia had barely made it back to the tree when the front door slammed shut, and the flapping of wings was all she could hear before her sight got very white and very cold.

And her spirits lifted, nearly joined Fester in the air.

“How did you- Fester- how- I’m,” Claudia rolled in the snow pile, barely hearing Fester’s happy chattering and their Legendary’s surprised complaints as the snow melted into their recently steamed carpets.
This was, thanks to her sister, the best Mistmas she could have ever dreamt of.


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