Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 81
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

A Mistican's Guide To Camping, Part II
Written By Fallout

So now that your sandwiches are safe, where will you sleep at night?

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This Month in Mistica-June
Written By Tempest

If you missed anything in the month of June, this summary of major events can catch you up pretty quick!

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So You Want a Baby Pet?
Written By Xeiana

Some people find it hard to resist the cute faces and big loving eyes of the Baby themed pets. After all, who else could turn away and ignore those shining eyes that promise a life full of love that could rival an Infestation’s loving gaze?

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Rainbows in Black & White
Written By Ryuuko

(A throwback article from Issue 13!)
Every Misticpet in Seneca Town had only one favorite color. Nobody liked any more than that (or any less, for that matter). Nobody, when asked for their favorite color, would reply with, “blue and green” or “black and red”; the question, always in the singular, was meant to be answered as such.

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The Lost Notes from Jones' Journal
Written By Skyhawk

(This is a throwback article from Issue #6!)
What luck we had today! We have successfully tracked down a bouquet of Braenon. I must stress that today’s achievements were a huge success. These creatures are very elusive, despite their bright colors. It’s a question I hope to solve over the next couple of days of studying these creatures: How does a bright pink creature elude us so easily? The answer isn’t clear, but I have hope.

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So You Want a Terror Pet?
Written By Xeiana

The fierce looking Terror themed pets are for those who love companions who look like they could spring right into battle at any moment.

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