Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 75
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Character Spotlight: Anemone
Written By Gemajgall

“Hi, Coral,” greeted Anemone on the steps of the Sango Reef High School. The kelpie's smile was warm, but the shy oceanic Mericai just looked up at her warily.

“She's always like that,” remarked Anemone's best friend, Oceana. She latched onto Anemone's arm, pulling her over to the announcement board. “Did you hear about the dance? Oh, I hope Tidus asks me!”

Anemone gently pulled off the scroll made of seaweed that read: “Autumn Tidal Festival! Celebrate the Water God through Song and Dance!” It depicted a cartoony pair of oceanic Koko waltzing ear to ear surrounded by autumn garlands and sweets.

“It is to celebrate the water god,” Anemone said to Oceana.

“Any excuse to have fun. So who do you hope will ask you?”

Anemone smiled bashfully, “I...don't really know. I was just hoping on having a lot of fun with my friends. You will go dress shopping with me, right?”

“Of course!” beamed Oceana. “We'll make you look so stunning that no guy would dare refuse a dance with you!”


“I knew you'd look great!” Oceana said the first thing she saw Anemone on the night of the dance. Oceana, indeed, was happy on Tidus's arm. His tie matched the trim of her tight-fitting dress. It contrasted Anemone's, which swished in the gentle current.

“Thank you, and so do you,” replied Anemone with a sincere smile. 

“This is my friend, Lakus,” introduced Tidus.

“Care to dance?” Lakus asked, offering his hand.

“S-sure,” said Anemone, flustered. Oceana winked at her as the two couples took to the dance floor, swaying back and forth as the music and the ocean rocked. Lakus held her awkwardly, but the music was upbeat and cheerful, so Anemone found herself enjoying the festivities regardless.

After a few songs, she stepped aside to catch her breath and let her feet rest a moment. Much to her surprise, tucked away in the corner and looking every bit like a wallflower was Coral, who was simply watching everyone else dance and talk and eat without participating herself.

“Hi, Coral,” greeted Anemone, trying to be friendly.

Coral literally jumped in surprise, “H-hi...”

“Aren't you going to dance? Or at least try the food?”

“I'm...I'm fine!” Coral inched away shyly. 

“Hey, who's this?” Lakus said, coming up behind Anemona.

That was too much for Coral. Her face turned bright red as she flustered incoherently. Ashamed by her nerves, Coral spun around and tried to swim away as quickly as she could. But in her anxiety, her tail caught the hem of her dress. She tripped spectacularly, and with a loud ripping noise her dress tore right up the seam. Even further embarrassed, Coral's face grew redder.

“Pfft,” Lakus started chortling. Within a moment, it was full-fledged laughter. Anemone spun and stared at him in disbelief. But he wasn't alone. Tidus was there beside him, laughing his heart out as well. Anemone quickly looked down at Coral; tears were welling in her eyes.

SLAP! A loud noise stopped both where they floated.

Oceana's eyes burned as hotly as her palm at her date. “You're horrible!”

Tidus glared back and swore at her. “Come on Lakus, let's get out of here.” Without looking back, they both left.

“Are you okay?” Anemone asked both of them.

“Yeah, jerks like that aren't worth it,” replied Oceana.

“Th-thank you,” trembled Coral, who was still too mortified to move, or even lift her eyes from the floor. 

“Don't thank us just yet,” said Anemone, offering to help her up. “Let's see to that dress of yours.” She tried to reassure her. “Don't worry; we'll make sure you have some good memories of tonight. Oceana, grab that centerpiece for me.”

Together, the three of them went to the restroom. Anemone quickly got to work, dismantling the centerpiece and weaving it into Coral's dress with a pocket sewing kit. She worked sea flowers in along the seams and hid the tears with inlaid pearls. Coral watched silently as Anemone's fingers flowed.

“Oh, I can tell this is going to be great,” said Oceana. “But a great outfit needs a great hairdo. Come over here and sit down.” She gestured for Coral to sit in front of her and pulled out her shell hair brush. Expertly, her fingers started working, sweeping Coral's mane and twisting it with an elegant curl.

When they were done, Coral was completely transformed.

“You are a natural beauty,” Oceana remarked.

Coral found tears welling in her eyes again, but this time they were overshadowed by a huge smile. “Thank you. Thank you both so much.”

“You're welcome,” responded Anemone with a warm feeling growing in her heart. “This is what I want to do...I want to see the beauty within everyone and make them smile.”


Written By liz1s1

You go girl.

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