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This Month in Mistica!
Written By LoftyBalloon

This Month in Mistica is a quick guide to everything that’s happened on site in the past month. Whether you’re new and want a better idea of what goes on here, an older user who’s returning, or simply too lazy to read the news, this article has all -- okay, most -- of the information you need!

Mistica celebrated the last month of summer in grand style, beginning with all new vending on the first. The items included Beach in a Jar, Mistical Cinder, Rainbow Fairy Plushie, Animus Staff (with a shiny avatar!), and of course, the fierce Sharkmelon! Helping bring in the new month were an adorable Blessed noir shyre and elegant Blessed daydream ricket.

August second brought lots of lucky winners and a reminder of the weekly game schedule courtesy of the lovely Daily. On August third, the credit shop was updated with former vending items: Quarry Vista, Rockpen, School Envelope, Mistical Tornado, Archimedes, and Raimia Plushie. Monty gave us the slip and moved the Jade Emporium. . . but he also increased the number of times we can visit him! Along with jade, the third also brought peridot in the form of the beautiful May kohal.

On August fourth, the month's champion gift was revealed: the precious Shoulder Rat. The fourth also brought the sad news that coder Chevy moved on to an opportunity in that mysterious place known as the "real world"-- but also the great news that new coder Himowa has made Mistica her home!

A couple news items on August sixth and seventh included an update on trophy awards and the sweet little Blessed shyre, who found a home! The seventh also welcomed another new face to Mistica, artist Shalashaska. August eighth brought a pet slot coin giveaway with the weekly raffle and game schedule update on the ninth. The pet slot coin giveaway winners were announced on the tenth.

On August twelfth, the magically adorable Wizotl appeared to celebrate artist Moonchild25's birthday, and the staff opened applications for writers and moderators. August thirteenth brought exciting updates to Mining, including item adjustments, new craftables, and best of all, only one drop in level for each day missed. August sixteenth featured the weekly raffle and game schedule update.

The Wish Fish granted four wishes on August seventeenth, and the new contest theme of Sango Reef was announced on the eighteenth. The elegant overgrowth cormeil blossomed on August twentieth, and Luxford and LoftyBalloon joined the staff as writers. A new mod also began training. Delicious new treats appeared on August twenty-second: Zisscor Bread, Shyreradish Sauce, Risylki Sushi, Frodrinn Cookie, and Ahbruis Tea. Another Wednesday rolled around on August twenty-third, with raffle winners and game updates.

On August twenty-fifth, the Quartze turned up for staff member Boo's birthday, and quest givers introduced three new prizes: Fire Tamales from Volcan, and Darkwood Hollow Diorama and Bamboo Beach Diorama from the Traveler. Nightmares and daydreams abounded on August twenty-sixth as both versions of the caribyss swam into view, along with two new Zikus and two revamped Humming Birds.

Another birthday occurred on the twenty-eighth with the Caprattus released to honor Corrosion. In addition, the Coding Corner blog was launched to keep Misticans updated on new and planned developments. August twenty-ninth carried reminders of the last chance to enter the August raffle and contests, and on August thirtieth, the final raffle winners for the month were announced.


Written By punka

Hon, this is an excellent way to refresh my old lady memory! Thanks so much! I wont have to dig thru old posts! Ya5!

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