Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 75
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Through the Mirror
Written By Xeiana

It took a moment, an agonizingly long one, to decide. Although left have many things he could use to stop the things in their tracks, he was worried his stamina wouldn’t hold out. Darting right, he could feel terror rising up within him. The hole was smaller than what he had realized. Kaida would have gulped in fear if not for the fact that he was underwater. Taking a wild chance, he slammed himself against the wall, paws scratching at the stone to pull him through.

Already his lungs were demanding more oxygen, feeling the strain of his muscles as he managed to get his head and torso through. The thought of being caught by those, those things, gave him the strength to squeeze through, his wings aching form being pressed so close to his body and the rough rock.

Up above, there was what looked to be a moon? Hesitant, he began to swim up, praying that it was the way out. He clumsily beat his wings to give him some sort of push upwards before he realized there was nothing clinging to his neck. One paw sought where a certain little pal should have been.

Flicker? Wait, where was Flicker? Panic rose in him, swimming back to the hole and looking through. When had he lost her? She couldn’t swim well, yet through the hole, there was no sign of her. He jerked his head back as something slammed against the wall. Something, a long snout, pushed through, yet it was almost invisible. But those fangs, they were silver and thin as a fishbone. The growling from before reverberated through the water, sending chills up and down his spine.

He fled.

Breaking the surface of the water, he gasped in air. He kept whining out the name of his beloved pal as if by saying her name, that she would appear next to him. His tired limbs brought him to the solid structure of land, collapsing onto it and rolling onto his side. Light shone down on him, and as Kaida lifted his eyes, he spied an enormous crystal cluster that shone with its own light.

“So… that was the ‘moon’ I saw?” He jumped at how loud his voice sounded in the cavern, curling in on himself. He was alone… It was something he hated, why Flicker was always by his side, hiding only when his mother came home. Wait… Mom! He whined. What would she think of him being gone? What if she tried to come in after him and became just as lost as he was?

Frowning at the thought, he heaved himself up onto his shaky leg and looked around him. The cavern was small, yet there was two tunnels that went in opposite directions. One was larger than the other, but something felt off by it. He thought back to the entrance, with the tunnel that seemed to be breathing and shuddered. The next one looked as if it could come crashing down, the wall around it cracked and fractured. Both ways looked intimidating. What was he to do? He still had to find Flicker!


Written By Witchcraft

Aw no, Flicker. D: Mmm, Im gunna say the larger tunnel too. o^o

Written By Oboe

Oh no, I hope those things didn't get Flicker! I vote for the larger tunnel as well, even if if seems less safe than the cracked tunnel. :(

Written By Lavi

Poor Flicker, hope she is alright and is reunited with Kaida soon! I say go with the larger tunnel.

Written By punka

Wait, I changed my mind, still a little claustrophobic from the last tunnel....I think go thru the larger one this time..

Written By punka

Ooh...its such a hard decision..and poor flicker, where is she?...Hmmm I say chance the smaller tunnel...crosses fingers....

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