Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 75
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Killer Cake
Written By Fallout

A killer chocolate cake has escaped from an armored display case at Spooky Creations. According to shop owner Clayton, the delicious cake corroded away the locks using years of built up acid from the fruit tart that previously shared its spot in the case and was last seen darting out the door, leaving behind a trail of gooey chocolate icing. Attempts to follow the cake were foiled when the trail went cold at a train station, leaving many to believe that it had bought a ticket and headed north.

The cake was later confirmed to have been seen at the local pomme tree chasing pommerainians around the base in an attempt to feed. It is unclear if it ever caught any of them, but it had later been seen on security footage slowly assimilating an unattended fish and chips meal nearby Fish Monger. Following the release of the disturbing footage, vigilantes armed with forks and napkins have set off to capture the deadly cake before it kills again.

Officer Coppa has given this advice in the event that the general public comes across the deadly cake: “Don't be a hero. Don't try to eat it or trap it in a cake pan, and definitely do not attempt to stick candles in it and sing happy birthday! If you see the killer cake in question, bring all pets and children inside and lock your doors and windows, and be sure to seal all cracks with paper towels and napkins so it can't get inside! Call the police immediately and let us handle it!”

The cake's current whereabouts remain unknown, but its last confirmed sighting has been standing right behind you.


Written By punka

Fantastic! Im totally hunting for that cake! Hmm,where I put my fork?

Written By Virus

heh !

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