Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Character Spotlight: Bud the Bum
Written By gemajgall

Though usually stagnant, strange undercurrents occasionally run underneath Banshee Swamp. They'll run north from Kelpie River or south from the Diamond Glacier Domain; sometimes an underground river will even leak in from Raziela. Though different, every current has something in common: trash. Without fail, every single one brings garbage and debris from its native lands.

The trash swirls in a slow sludge across the top of Banshee Swamp, stirring in discarded ice cream cones and used bandages from the locals. Mosquitoes and leeches breed there, making it the perfect soup for Bud the Bum to harvest.

No one knows what specie of Misticpet he is and most are too afraid to even try to find out. Those who see him lurking around the swamp during twilight quickly look the other way. Some even cover their noses with handkerchiefs, in part, due to the unique odor that follows Bud around and, in part, due to the raspy, possibly contagious, cough he constantly has. For none doubt the rumors about Bud and his connection to plague Misticpets.

People even disappear into their houses at the first sounds of the creaking wheels of his broken cart. However, Bud prefers it this way. He enjoys collecting abandoned treasure in solitude. No one interferes; no one makes sarcastic comments about his way of life; no one grabs the refuse before he does. And when the first grey streaks paint the morning sky, Bud slips away back into his hole.

At least, it appears to be a mere muddy, mildewy, dreary hole to the rest of Mistica. For Bud though it is his whole world. It functions not only as his house, but also his store. All are welcome to stick their paws in and search his wares for a bargain—although only the most courageous actually do. And several have reported leaving his store with a strange cough...

It doesn't help that sunlight never pierces the shadows of the Trash Hole. Bud wouldn't have it any other way. Light hurts his misshapen eyes, and sunlight is the worst. Bud refuses to allow electric lights to be strung in his store; he won't even let his customers lit a candle or carry a lantern.

Needless to say, it does surprise many the Bud even manages to do business at all. However, profits have never truly interested him. He meets his own needs and lives freely otherwise. All of it is for the simple joy: seeing that one Mistican's trash becomes another's treasure.


Written By Leptonyx

Live and let live. Keep it on Bud!

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