Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Behind the Mirror: Part 2
Written By Xeiana

A shiver ran down Kaida’s neck. The breathing from the tunnel before him was increasing in volume, waiting for him to come closer. No! Shaking his head, and giving no thought to the fact the other tunnel could hold just as much danger, he darted down the mossy tunnel to his right. The moss was slick, the stones rough on his feet. Several times the Braenon felt himself slip, only to bump into the wall on the other side. Flicker chirped in nervousness, the tunnel dark and devoid of the little light from before.

“OOF!” The young male landed hard on his stomach in a shallow pool of water after a rather rough tumble down the tunnel. The sound of the impact traveled through what seemed like a large cavern, slowly diminishing into silence. Every so often, drops of water could be heard falling. Glowing lichen on the ceiling allowed just enough light to provide some sight.

“I should have just gone back to the couch.” mumbled the sore and noticeably wet Braenon. A growl of agreement was heard from the tiny Foxusha who had landed face first into the murky water. Shaking himself in an attempt to get dry, his blurred eyes squinted, attempting to get a reading on his new surroundings. His echolocation wouldn’t help in a large area like this, and there were no heat signatures for him to sense. Puddles of shallow and deep water covered the expanse of the ground beneath him, and from what he could tell, there were some places that the ground broke away to reveal a bottomless cavern, mainly near the edges around the wall. He unconsciously gulped, not liking that fact.


His fur stood on end at the sound; unnerving as it was, it was in the distance. Something had stepped into a puddle. He stood still, feet trembling and eyes straining for movement, yet even as the splashes continued, there was nothing moving over the various puddles. Flicker hissed, pointing her nose in another direction where more splashing came from as she bared her teeth. The steps were cautionary, yet as soon as Kaida stepped backwards and his back paw made a noticeably loud splash, whatever was in the water began to draw nearer. Growls were heard, throaty ones that echoed in the cavern. He didn’t want to come face to face whatever these things were!

In the weak light, as blurry as his vision was, Kaida was able to see three possible escape routes. Leading up to a small tunnel were three dangerous looking step-spires that looked as if they would fall over at a moment’s notice. To the far side across a large gap in the floor was a small hole that he could slip into if he glided over there. That is, if he could. And then there was a deep pool that looked like it could lead somewhere. What was his choice? Whatever was coming towards him were getting closer by the second!


Written By punka

I totally think small hole...then he only has to fear little stuff...lol

Written By Lavi

I gotta vote for the pool!

Written By Red

yeah, deep pool ftw!

Written By Witchcraft

While I think the pool of water would be a dangerous hiding place, Im gunna have to vote for it aswell! It gives me the most chills, just thinking of whats hiding in its dark unknowable depths. o^o

Written By MrWizard

I think he should try and slip through the small hole, the pool seems untrustworthy, who knows what darkness lies beneath the waters, and those stairs are bound to fall apart

Written By Oboe

I'm gonna agree with Lept - the pool seems like the best, and also most curious, option!

Written By Leptonyx

My answer is a little obvious, take your chance in the deep pool!

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