Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 7
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Solus the Blind
Written By SkyHawk

Near the mysterious Lighthouse on the grassy plains lives an old Ahbruis by the name of Solus. No one really knew his true age, but his white fur had become matted and was a dull grey color. He was also completely blind.

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The Unhappy Garden
Written By Ryuuko

Long, long ago, there was a great forest that consumed the entire surface of Mistica, and even though the sun gave generously and the rain always provided them with plenty to drink, the plants were unhappy.

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Jones' Journal - Day 5&6
Written By SkyHawk

A strange find, but these berries are bright pink! Barnaby will have to take a berry and look at its workings a bit closer in our portable lab later to confirm some of our thoughts, but I’m guessing there’s something in these berries that turn the Braenon this color.

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The Rougarou
Written By Malik

I tried to keep up with the old Cheran as she navigated her way neatly around her backwater property, but she was nearly impossible to follow. While she stayed nice and dry, five minutes of slogging through the muck of the swamp and I'd twice nearly lost my shoes. Despite this, however, I was fast growing excited by the idea of landing my first big scoop since I started on the job - if all went well here, this would be my lucky break!

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