Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 66
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Most Wonderful Time
Written By Zarabeythe

Mistmas is upon us! And the staff have all been working together and adjusting things to make this the best Mistmas ever. :) 

We have a few tricks up our sleeve, and we'll of course see the return of our favorites, MeriKlaus, King Blithe, Queen Boreal, Aurelius and more! Leave a comment on this Chronicles article, and you never know when MeriKlaus might send out a few presents early!



Written By Leptonyx

I had to miss out on Mistmas next here. I am really looking forward to experiencing it this year!

Written By EonMaster101

Mistmas is super fun, looks like I joined at just the right time! :) I am excited for the rest of the month, hooray!

Happy holidays to everyone!

Written By Empire

Mistmas theme is just so beautiful, very excited for the month of december :)

Written By Crow

Best Mistmas ever or BEST Mistmas ever~? Can't wait to get into December!!

Written By Red

Mistmas is my favorite holiday here on Mistic!

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