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Character Spotlight: Stignight Holmes
Written By gemajgall

Literature lovers across Mistica instantly recognize the name Stignight Holmes; he's one of the most-loved characters to ever grace Aibrean's library. But even though readers have religiously followed every one of his adventures, few know about his early history beyond the fact that he was born in Mistic Kingdom of humble origins.

As a young stignightus, he traveled across Mistica in order to obtain knowledge. His love of precision and logic quickly melded with the various forms of mysticism in Ravi-Sorin, the Metropolis Quarry, Klaeris City, and even Bryn Tor. His research notes conclude that the supernatural does exist and can be studied like any other science.

And so Stignight Holmes, paranormal detective, was born.

Holmes quickly applied his knowledge to murders; he believed that the victim still had much to tell us. None of the local officers believed him—until he cracked cases they couldn't solve wide open. Bloody, vanishing footprints, bones locked away in dark closets, lies that spanned generations all came to light beneath his calculated, outside-the-box, logic. Every single time culprits from cases both old and new were brought to justice.

Of course, critics of his stories point out that Stignight Holmes can't be logical because he investigates things such as curses, poltergeists, and séances. They claim that any such scientific reasoning is “junk science” at best and at worst it gives Misticans an improper view of the world, muddying the waters of reality and fiction.

However, proponents of Holmes are quick to point out how accurate his depictions of anya culture, kelpie traditions, and gurahdi lore are. Even when classic folktales are modernized, their core message doesn't deviate one bit. In fact, more than one human storyteller has remarked how closely Holmes' cases resemble actual history. For example, Maria D'Anya was a real Misticpet and serial killer, who offed her entire family for their fortunes and property. Old rumors have it, that this finally came to light when a shabby-looking stignightus visited her manor...

Perhaps the most amazing thing is the eyewitnesses who swear they've seen, or even met, Stignight Holmes. Officer Coppa himself is the most well-known example, swearing Holmes has helped him on several difficult cases. Others from Lake Auberon have said that menacing presences around their homes have vanished after a visit from a normal stignightus.

Eyewitness accounts go back as early as Erika's great-great grandpa—nearly a full century ago. The reports are always consistent: a normal stignightus appears to solve disappearances and bloody murders. Strange rituals, buried relics, and urban legends provide the evidence to solve the case and allow the victims to rest in peace.

If these reports are all taken at face value, then maybe Stignight Holmes, paranormal investigator, has become one of paranormal himself...


Written By Leptonyx

Being a Holmes fanatic, I have to wonder what subjects Stignight Holmes IS limited in?

Written By Silcoonsixx


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