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This Month in Mistica: November '13
Written By Fay

This Month in Mistica is a quick guide to everything that’s happened on site in the past month. Whether you’re new and want a better idea of what goes on here, an older user who’s returning, or simply too lazy to read the news, this article has all -- okay, most -- of the information you need!

November began with the appearance of the lovely topaz Kohal! These golden beauties were promptly booted from Queen Boreal’s realm, ready for new homes.

Since this is Mistica’s birthday month, the next day we began celebrating with a series of random giveaways. All you had to do was be online!

On the 4th, we celebrated the birthday of one of our amazing writers, Fallout! A rather gruesome looking hatchipal was released just for her. Keilly also came out with a new line of sodas, because Lanturnacht’s sugar high apparently wore off too quickly.

The 5th saw the release of two spooky new books, and the very next day, the Voodoo Vix was discovered!

Maury got a little nostalgic on the 9th and stocked his shop with several new (old?) typewriters.

We celebrated the pets of Jumboyo Village on the 11th with figurines, riddles and new items!

The following day wasn’t quite so celebratory. It was time for Jasper’s Circus to pack up, and the brothers closed the circus together! Later that day, a link to charities were posted and a thank you item given out to those able to donate.

Books were published on the 13th, readable at the Library Tower in Kingdom Village.

On the 16th Harmony’s quest was updated with new requests.

Two days later the Traveler and Volcan followed suit, with new chess piece items as quest rewards in addition to the Traveler’s chess board.

An icy wind blew in the austere Frost Skillow on the 20th, and applications for an item artist or two opened.

The next day, Mistica was attacked from within! Gruleks everywhere went mad, attacking innocent Misticans and calling for our extermination. Hardly anyone noticed the new jammie dodgers stocking at the bakery!

A strange man showed up at the Kingdom Village castle gate the next morning, adding himself to the number of refugees hiding from the crazed Gruleks. Calling himself “doctor” this man teamed up with Dr. Erlenmeyer to incapacitate the threat. In the meantime, Misticans picked up malfunctioning Gruleks. And even amidst this chaos, Gordon managed to whip up an odd new dish of fish fingers and custard, and Teshia at the furniture shop began stocking new cookie jars shaped like police boxes! New avatars were also released.

On the 23rd, Misticans began turning in the Gruleks they’d managed to capture, receiving a Pandorica Mystery Box as a prize.

Finally, on the 24th, the doctor’s machine was complete. With an odd glowing screwdriver he set the device in motion and the Gruleks were stopped. Then he disappeared, and who knows if we’ll see this madman ever again? But Tara in the toy shop kept us busy with four new dolls to collect! Some of them are called “doctor” too…how odd. We also celebrated my birthday with a lovely Knotwork Cake.

Mistica’s Feast of Giving kicked off on the 26th with a release of seasonal items. The Angel of Giving also made her way back into the Credit Shop.

And on the 27th, the Cheshire changed up his game! It was almost Mistica’s 6th anniversary, and he was giving away lovely new prizes o celebrate!

Thanksgiving was a quiet day in Mistica, although some turkeys in disguise did manage to sneak into the Giveaway!

Unlike in reality, Black Friday actually started on Friday the 29th. Lots of premium items went on sale and Pet Slot Coins were half-price – permanently! Buying credits also got you a sizable bonus.

The Circus is closed and we were saved from an army of crazed Gruleks by a madman with a box. What’s the Mistmas season going to bring?


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