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Family of Rickets Devour Pomme Tree Grove
Written By Fallout

A family awoke one morning to find that their entire grove of pomme trees had been devoured by a massive family of Rickets. The family also found to their surprise that the Rickets had left behind the pommes sorted into various bushels.

“When I first saw what had happened, I wanted to be angry,” said Farmer MacDonald, the head of Old MacDonald's Farms where the pomme groves were located. “I mean, we've been growing those pomme trees for years! These kinds of trees don't grow easy.” He then proceeded to say, “That's when I noticed the pommes that had been growing on the trees. When I saw that they picked and sorted them for us before they ate my trees, I decided that I couldn't stay angry with them forever.”

Indeed it appears that the Ricket family, whether out of an attempt at appeasement for eating the trees or just as a random afterthought after their feast, sorted the pommes that were ripe for harvest into different bushels based on size, color, and type. Some of them had even been helpfully priced for sale. A nearby pile of discarded pommes showed that they had weeded out the ones that were deemed unsellable for any number of imperfections, such as having too many bruises or dripping hazardous nuclear waste. It is not believed that the Rickets ate any pommes themselves, though the possibility still exists.

The family plans to replant their trees using the seeds gathered from the unsellable pommes and hopes to fence the area off to keep the Rickets out in the future. When asked if he'd thank the Rickets should he ever see them, Farmer MacDonald laughed and replied, “No, not at all. In fact should I see them, I'm apt to chuck a pomme at them.”

Rickets are a newly discovered species in Mistica that are blowing up in popularity amongst the pet trade. They are blamed for the disappearances of many trees, their trademark favorite food, though this is the first time any mass property destruction caused by wild Rickets has been reported. Most damage reported on private property is caused by Rickets that have been kept as pets by the family owning the trees.


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