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Character Spotlight: Princess Alana
Written By gemajgall

Recently married to Joel, Princess Alana is a personal favorite of humans and sprites alike from Mistic Kingdom. Many know how she has only recently returned to her ancestral castle after her family spent generations living in exile. But beyond her new court, loving husband, and kidnapping experience by the imps, little else is known about her and her family.

Until recent years, Princess Alana lived with her parents near Seneca Town. They all knew of their royal ancestry but did not yet possess the means to claim their inheritance. Her father Leroy, the current king of Mistic Kingdom, continued to prosper the trade business that his grandfather founded. With an eye for the rare and valuable, Leroy amassed great wealth, which he invested in the arts. All of his investments bloomed, turning their whole family into one of the riches on the continent.

In addition, they became known as one of the kindest and most generous. Seneca Town itself enjoyed a massive growth in culture due to Leroy's investments while his wife, Regina, provided to have great organizational skills and put together many clubs, celebrations, and volunteer projects that benefited the less fortunate. Her most famous charity work involved collecting old clothing from the local fashion gurus and donating them to the poor; even businesses would donate new products for the cause.

Of course, the flower of their family was their daughter, Alana. She had a gentle way with Misticpets, which reflected her gentle heart. She also became a talented harp player. Her kind spirit was loved throughout the community. However, Leroy saw how popular she was becoming and grew anxious and overprotective. He immediately had a governess placed over her, ensuring she was never unescorted.

Although Alana never resented her father for this decision, she grew lonely. And as her parents purchased and renovated Mistica Castle and the guard around her grew with her newly gained title of “princess,” Alana felt her loneliness grow as well. She became increasingly limited with who she could see outside of her home. With rumors of the imps moving as they traveled back to Mistica Kingdom for the first time, Alana was confined to the grounds. It wasn't that Leroy and Regina were heartless; the problem was that they cared about her too much.

But even being kept under careful watch, Alana continued to bloom. It is one of the best kept secrets of the kingdom that she is the best harp player in the land. In addition, she pursued her own education with the help of her governess. Alana adores classic literature, including the great writers of Cheran Dickens and William Stigspeare. It was her suggestion that the library be expanded into triple the intended size; many scholars have since traveled to the castle solely to read from their vast collection of tomes.

However, her biggest influence fell to the gardens. Many of the flowers were planted at her suggestion, arranged by her then budding love interest, Joel. Though a commoner, Joel not only caught the eye of the princess but also became the chief gardener and groundskeeper for the whole castle. His strong work ethic, gentle touch, and courageous joy were the first things Alana noticed about him. She didn't see his torn overalls, bare feet, or cracked and calloused hands; she saw the goodness in his heart. And despite her governess, ladies-in-waiting, and maids best attempts, Alana and Joel continued to meet and fall in love.

Of course, the following events concerning Joel's ascention as her suitor, the attacks by the imps, and the courageous rescue of the princess are all well known and will forevermore be a part of Mistica's history. Their wedding as well will always be remembered; no time in the passed millennia have all the legendaries of Mistica gathered peacefully (with some help of a pirate captain). The dresses, floral arrangements, decorations, and food were some of the highest quality Mistica is capable of producing and will not be again matched for many years.

Now it is about one year since the happy couple wed. Alana has been permitted more freedom, and she and Joel often take long walks together through the gardens and Mistica Village in the evenings. Leroy has been grooming Joel to become his successor while Regina and Alana have been working together to build up the economy of Mistica Village just like they did Seneca Town. The whole kingdom is very happy with the restoration of the royal family. Except the imps...but for them, unhappiness is happiness, so...well, we'll just see if they leave everyone in peace.


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