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This Month in Mistica: May '12
Written By Caustic

This Month in Mistica is a quick guide to everything that’s happened on site in the past month. Whether you’re new and want a better idea of what goes on here, an older user who’s returning, or simply too lazy to read the news, this article has all -- okay, most -- of the information you need!


May started off with the announcement of our Art, Writing and Poetry Contest winners! Congratulations to Saru, Sudol, InsanityWolf; AutumnSunris, CityGirl; Jeshikakitty and JessiCosmic! Five new readable books were also added to our Library, which can be accessed by clicking the tower in Kingdom Village.


Even a sulky Queen Boreal couldn’t prevent the brilliant May Kohal from coming out the next day! Feron’s having a little trouble keeping up with all these new colors…


The Vending Machine was stocked with new items on the 3rd, including a few Pet Slot Coins.


It seems some Voodoo infected the Stignightus! May 4th saw the release of the squishy but prickly new pet. To celebrate, there was a small release, and Pet Slot Coins went on sale.


A few days later we got our usual Development Log. Our coder Dyl was hard at work fixing up Legendary comments, wish lists, and more.


Hopefully you like sweet stuff, because Erika of the Village Bakery used a lot of it in her new animal themed Mallow Cookies! Maybe Jeremy got jealous; two days later he dug up a few extra plushies to put on his shelves.


It’s the season for Daydreams and Nightmares and the Belragoths were touched by magic on the 11th! The two new pets kicked off the Credit Shop stocking up on Daydream and Nightmare Pandoria Boxes.


Mother’s Day dawned with some past Credit Shop favorites stocking for a short time, along with the release of an adorable little pal! The Scuri showed up at Blizzard Buddies and Bernard couldn’t keep the cutie all to himself.


But the very next day our goddess Pandoria found herself seriously ill. Her magic became unbalanced and erratic all over Mistica, with floods invading beaches and the Inferno Terrain’s volcano erupting.


A little light came in the form of the sun goddess Rae on the 15th. She stepped in to help an ailing Pandoria, but she couldn’t do it alone! A call went out to every Mistican to help out, and Craft and Avatar contests were set up in the Staff Hosted Events board.


That same day, chaos came to tip the balance of power. Mistica had just begun to stabilize, with volcanoes quiet and the seas respecting their boundaries once again. Seht appeared in the heat of the desert and was confronted by Rae; he left, but the goddess worried the dark god would rise again with the moon. A few new items – a Metal Umbrella, Rainbow Cake (because frosting makes everything better, even worldwide disasters) and the Sandsworm Book, which is also readable in the Library – were released to make life a bit easier for the desert dwellers.


Charitee got in on the action on the 17th, stocking up on some old Anniversary items and giving out points rather generously! In addition to the older items two new ones, the Burgundy Egg and Auria, made their way into her regular stock.


Pandoria was visited by the royal Sprite twins the next day, who were both relieved to see the goddess steadily recovering.  She warns them about Seht and they leave a little troubled. Gurahdia and Obsideons seemed to heed her words, however, and were released for creation that day. And with Pandoria’s power returning, her Overgrowth Boxes began affecting the Kirui and Tarinooki.


On the 22nd Cuddly Stuffies began stocking a whole new line of Gurahdi plushies.


By the 25th Pandoria felt stronger, but Rae was still overseeing Mistica. Unbeknownst to the goddesses, that night Seht made an appearance, and the next morning everything was in chaos! Pets everywhere had been turned into the feared Chocosheep, and Seht began demanding certain items for the cure.


Misticans turned in those items but only received a Citrus Znake for their troubles. Seht instructed us to wait, and on the 29th he presented three riddles, the answers being the ingredients for the long awaited cure. May ended with Misticans scrambling to put their pets right and shopkeepers struggling to keep up with demand; hopefully June has more pleasant things in store!


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