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Welcome to Issue 35
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

What's for Lunch? Part 2
Written By TheBrokenFox

If you’ve ever wondered about your pet’s diet, look no further! Last month we covered the diet patterns of the Aetra, Ahbruis, and Anya; today we will continue on with the Belragoth, Braenon, and Cheran.

Even though Belragothes find shelter in mountains and cavernous hollows, they are more often seen flying through their complex sky-ways. These terrors-of-the-winds are solely carnivorous, and most of their air-time is spent searching for food. The stomach of the Belragoth is so robust it can digest not only meat but fur and bones as well. Young Belragothes, however, are a little more delicate and cannot even chew meat by themselves. Their mothers usually pre-chew and regurgitate the meat, allowing the soft teeth of the children to remain unbroken. This means you may have to grind up the meat for your young Belragoth until it is about a year old. To aid in bone strength and dental health, it is a good idea to add bone-meal to the ground/tenderized meat for that extra boost of calcium. Want to know a crucial fact about your pet dragon? Unless your Belragoth is ill, do not feed your pet Belragoth plants of any kind. Fruits, veggies, and most herbs can make a Belragoth violently ill, and has even caused death in serious overdoses. If you can brave a trip to the Banshee Swamp, Elenyona will know how to use herbs to treat whatever ails a carnivore, although spells are the preferred method of healing.

If you have a pet Braenon, you will be happy to know that they are omnivorous. Berries, however, will always be favored over any other kind of food. Because of their amazing agility, keen senses, and superior intellect, bouquets have been known to hunt both large and small animals when food is limited. They have also been found to snack on insects when available. Odd fact about the Braenon? Even though the Braenon and Belragoth are natural enemies, Braenon still make their homes close to the Belragoth’s flight patterns. It is theorized that this behavior occurs because the wing beats of the Belragoth might shed rare nutrients required to grow Orange Heart Berries, a staple and favorite food source of the Braenon. This report is still unconfirmed.


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