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Welcome to Issue 35
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Your Voodoo Pet and You
Written By Caustic

The mysterious Voodoo theme seems to defy all laws of logic, allowing a pet essentially turned into a plushie to have the sentience of its normal self. A Voodoo pet can think, feel, and even move – with a little help, of course – but their cloth-and-pin bodies come with unique limitations.

Are you thinking of working a little magic and turning your pet Voodoo? Caring for one is quite the challenge, and since Zulime isn’t talking, we’ve put together a few handy pointers learned from guesswork and expert spying.

For starters, a Voodoo pet no longer requires food. Their bodies are constructed of organic cloth (synthetic doesn’t channel magic very well) and so attempting to feed one just results in frustration and a lot of stains. Some still retain the desire to eat, however, so around certain holidays (the Feast of Giving and Lanturnaucht especially), you’ll want to keep a close eye on them.

You’re probably excited about your much smaller grocery bill, but rest assured you’ll make up for it in pins, thread, needles and stuffing. Voodoo pets require constant upkeep and repair! And all those supplies need to be enchanted by Zulime, or they won’t integrate into the magic-infused cloth very well at all.

Those pins will become the bane of your existence, but they’re holding your soft and squishy pet together. While severely restricting and painful during cuddling time, we have insider information from a camera stuffed into a poppet that the head of each pin is carved with symbols. These are essential in keeping the voodoo magic and Pandoria’s magic working together.

The magic might have an effect on the actual plushies in your home. Nocturnal plushie seem particularly susceptible, and there have been many reports of them moving when close to a Voodoo pet, especially at night. Luckily their bodies aren’t equipped with pointy objects (unless we’re talking about a Voodoo plushie, in which case you’re probably in serious danger). There’s also the danger of other, more aggressive pets mistaking a Voodoo pet for a chew toy, but that’s why you bought all that thread!

Voodoo pets, with all these drawbacks, do have many benefits. They don’t require food, don’t make messes, don’t play with toys and hardly even move without outside help. However they do make excellent listeners, as they can’t escape and most Voodoo pets find it difficult to speak themselves. Unfortunately, being pets, they are unable to write the prescription for what you so obviously need if you’re using a sentient plushie as a therapist.

So now that you’re savvy to all your Voodoo pet’s special needs, you can break out that Pandoria Box!


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