Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 29
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Behind the Names: Shopkeeper Edition
Written By Caustic

Have you ever looked at the name of one of Mistica’s many characters and wondered why it was chosen? Did you look up the name and find an odd connection? Some of them are derived from real words, but if you look a little deeper, some more “ordinary” names have interesting connections to their characters. In this article I’m digging a little deeper into the familiar names of a few of our shopkeepers.

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An Odd Mistmas Finding
Written By rayge

This is Rosebud reporting from Darkwood Hollow, where a great deal of activity has been sighted! An odd group of Sprites on the edges of Prince Arman and Princess Aisling's rule have been causing a bit of a ruckus.

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This Month in Mistica: November '11
Written By Caustic

This Month in Mistica is a quick guide to everything that’s happened on site in the past month. Whether you’re new and want a better idea of what goes on here, an older user who’s returning, or simply too lazy to read the news, this article has all -- okay, most -- of the information you need!

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The Adventures of Cap'n Jack Skillow: Gargoyles
Written By gemajgall

“And then...they made me their chief,” concluded Captain Jack Skillow.

His circumstances couldn't 'ave been more unusual. He sat wit' his paws handcuffed t' th' arms o' a roughly hewed chair. His first mate Dibbs was standin' in th' corner o' th' cabin, watched o'er by two gargoyles who had thar spears pointed right at his face. Behind 'im were several hands o' his increasingly diverse crew includin' Wool th' Yehxil, Tia Malda's two fey handmaidens, 'n several o' th' younger 'n more energetic kelpies. All o' them had been forced t' sit back t' back 'n were then bound securely wit' more gargoyle warriors standin' strongly o'er them.

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