Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 24
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Grumpy Gurahdi’s Spilled Secrets
Written By Rhythm

Hey, everyone! This is Pretzel speaking! I’m here today with erm…Grumpy Gurahdi in the center of the Game Garden. If you haven’t been able to tell already, he’s always unusually…grumpy! So I’d suggest staying away from him…unless you find his weakness! (Heh, I did!) Good morning, Grumpy…so, what brings you here?

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Time Travel
Written By Valkyrie

I was casting around for article inspiration and found myself once again on the forums. So, I posted a question to the Mistica Community. My question was: If you could go back in time to the first day you joined Mistica, what advice would you give yourself? The answers I recieved were as diverse as our members are.

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Return of a Pal
Written By gemajgall

Lacy the albino Cheran sat amid the clutter of her room, looking around at all of her past fads. Block plushies were collecting dust in one corner while unused envelopes were stacked hap-hazardously in another. Her bed had long since been buried under striped stockings and flipflops. Her closet couldn't even be closed because of all the beanbags she had shoved in there last time she attempted to organize her bedroom.

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Ask the Moone: July Edition
Written By Valkyrie

Welcome to the July edition of ask the Moone, your personal answer Braenon! To be included in this help column you just need to send Moone a message through Creed's Mistic mail or participate in the forum located in Mistic Chat.

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Guide to LE Pets
Written By Amethyst

We've all had those dreams (and most of us still do!) of owning a stunning limited edition pet, and this short guide will tell you the various ways of how to obtain one. Despite some pets having special requirements for the availability to create or only being released on certain days, there are two other ways to obtain every pet: one is through poppets (these can be brought either from the credit shop or Zulime’s hidden poppet shop, except for the Kohal), and the other is adopting one from another user.

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This Month in Mistica: July '11
Written By Caustic

This Month in Mistica is a quick guide to everything that’s happened on site in the past month. Whether you’re new and want a better idea of what goes on here, an older user who’s returning, or simply too lazy to read the news, this article has all -- okay, most -- of the information you need!

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