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This Month in Mistica: January '11
Written By Caustic

This Month in Mistica is a quick guide to everything that’s happened on site in the past month. Whether you’re new and want a better idea of what goes on here, an older user who’s returning, or simply too lazy to read the news, this article has all - okay, most - of the information you need!

It's a New Year, and what better way to celebrate than with a huge Credit Shop sale? Not only were new, beautiful Treasure Bags released, but a bunch of premium items were discounted and everyone who bought credits got a bonus!

The next day we waved goodbye to Aurelius as the bright, triumphant star soared across the skies!

On the 3rd, we said congratulations to the Art, Writing and Poetry contest winners: Bizcuit, Silcoonsixx and SinLigreep; Wyrmses, Puredream and Misticpet; Catilena1890, Massacrex3 and Mockingbird! The same day we had a huge name clearing.

Unfortunately Queen Boreal was not pleased with her plans being ruined once again, so in a fit of rage she released a horde of kohals on the 5th to wander -- hopefully they all found new homes! Kohal plushies were also released along with three new pals and the Kohal Brush! A poll concerning kohals was also posted.

The releases just kept coming! On the 7th, stignightus, obsideon and gurahdi were available for creation. Ben Baggz joined the fun with a new collection of inarbu beanbags!

No one likes Mondays, but the 10th was brightened up with the release of the Wintercursed Haruba and Frost Anya!

We celebrated the beautiful quari on the 12th! Pinatas were dumped on heads, the visual was re-released, and two new plushies made their debut. A more serious announcement was posted later that day, simply stating that accounts that seem to hold no purpose other than to hold pets for friends/siblings would be treated the same way as side accounts.

And only two days later we had a party for the lovely haruba! In addition to the usual pinatas and visual, three new plushies were released.

Sebastian decided to whip up a few new recipes on the 17th, and the result was three new additions to Freezy Treats!

The next day voting for contests opened up and our weekend credit events got a makeover. Now you can win MP, Referral Points or Loyalty Points in the new Weekend Roar events!

On the 20th the Delight Pixie got a little crazy, and thus started giving out Pandoria Boxes every day to active members! Keshi was also welcomed onto our wonderful art team.

The next day, the Overgrown Zokuleon was released.

The 22nd began with the opening of Graphic Artist applications!

Just two days later the land of Mistica was enveloped in swaths of bright colors! Rainbow celebrations meant the release of colorful new foods, plushies, pals and toys!

On the 26th, after our eyes recovered from having all the colors thrown at them, we were drowned in cuteness! A huge release of new baby plushies meant some work for collectors everywhere, but how can you resist such adorable faces?

The 29th celebrated the beautiful braenon, and we weren't disappointed! A big collection of new plushies were released along with a fancy poster, and of course, the pinata and visual. There were also rumors about a poppet floating around...maybe the Delight Pixie decided to be extra generous? We'll see!

Here's hoping everyone enjoyed the first month of 2011!


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