Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 16
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

Jasper's Circus
Written By Jasper

Hello, Mistica... This is Jasper here, informing you that while we had a fantastic time this Lanturnacht, we have to head off to the unknown. I must say, though, you Misticans did a...great job this year - more tricking and (not my favorite) treating than usual. We had loads of 'fun' trick-or-treating, trading in goodies (you little thieves...), and showing off our zany carnival skills. We got to introduce the frightening Labyrinth, ridiculous mind games, and fortunes that try to rob you dry (er, that wasn't /my/ idea - I blame Gregory).
I do so hope you had loads of frights and such this year, as we had MUCH more to offer! You were witness to the releasing of several terrifying additions to Mistica's Lanturn and Phantom themes - I'm most fond of the snarling Phantom Panju myself, I'd certainly keep him as company - as well as plenty of new items that I'm rather jealous of (the vuvuzelas especially. How else can you annoy someone to Pandoria come?). Why couldn't you guys give me cuddly toys like that greedy dragon? We Jinx have to worry about teeth hygiene, too, y'know.

As for what happened with Archie, well, he had to go. He was ruining all of our fun, and he had a debt to pay. Sorry you guys had to see that, you know how old vendettas go, eh? Eheheh..


We'll be back next year for another round of Jasper's Circus, and who knows what new...surprises...we might hold in store. With Archie off of our backs, we now have free reign over whatever we might be plotting for next time 


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