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The Top 10 Most Deadly Weapons
Written By Caustic

With the revamp of the Battle Portal coming soon, it's logical that one would take some time to at least glance over the vast amount of weaponry that Mistica has to offer. From deadly swords to bombs to bows and arrows, here are the top 10 most deadly weapons -- in no particular order, because they're all amazing like that.

1. Altered Love Dust
What, you think bright pink pixie dust with heart-shaped fumes can't be dangerous? Part of the danger of this weapon is it has the element of surprise -- after all, who could take such a cutesy, pretty thing seriously? This means your opponent will have his guard down, and you can take full advantage! Unfortunately macho male pets may refuse to handle this weapon, and in those cases, something explosive will suffice.

2. Bottled Zisscor Venom
The beautiful glass bottle belies a very deadly poison! The only warning that this is dangerous is the sharp, wicked fang used as a stopper. Another weapon that uses surprise, this venom is favored by those who dwell in the shadows and use daggers in the dark. One misstep with something so deadly could yield fatal results for the wielder, so only cunning pets can safely use this weapon.

3. Emerald Dagger
A rare weapon which has beauty to match its deadliness! Don't mock the foe who draws such a pretty green blade, even if it does resemble a leaf, because you'll soon find it lodged in your back! A dagger like this is strong and sturdy with a blade sharp as a needle, and like with most good weapons, you have surprise on your side because it's small -- simply sneak up on your opponent and they won't know what hit them.

4. Gourix Lightsaber
Unlike the weapons mentioned above, this is flashy and has absolutely no chance of surprise to conceal an attack. The bright blade is painful to look at -- just one reason it's dangerous -- and can cut through absolutely anything. Because it has practically no weight it's quicker than any other sword and perfect for any pet's body type; they don't have to be buff to wield it properly. However, it takes skill to effectively use such a speedy, deadly thing, so train constantly!

5. Her Arrow
Another weapon that combines beauty and deadliness. Our beloved Pandoria herself crafted this lovely, feather-light arrow, and if you've seen her temper you'll know not to take a weapon of hers lightly. The long, flowing tails and shaft that's thicker at the tip means it requires perfect precision from the wielder, lest it blow off course. However, if you hit your target, they'll be down for good -- this arrow is sharp, barbed, and perfectly wicked.

6. Her Sabre
We all know Pandoria, though kind, is dangerous as well, and this sword shows it beautifully. The blade itself will never dull, chip, or need any sort of maintenance or sharpening and the hilt will never slip from your hands. The long blade means its a bit heavier and more unwieldy than a shorter sword or dagger, but if you learn to use it well you'll be able to strike at your foe from afar while staying out of their reach.

7. Lion-Hearted Sword
This is possibly one of the best weapons Mistica has to offer, but like most great things, it has a condition: you must stay true. This blade will not accept an unfaithful heart, but will turn on such a person in a flash! The faithful, however, will find themselves greatly rewarded, for not only can this powerful, stout blade pierce through anything and take hits itself without breaking, it will also give its wielder a great deal of protection in battle.

8. Sambucus Wand
Magic is a powerful weapon, because your foe can never know what's coming or from where -- though it usually comes with a price. Cut from a powerfully magical tree, this wand is not one for the weak-willed. It has a mind of its own and will not be afraid to turn on an unworthy master in a very violent and grotesque manner. However, for the one who can exert their will powerfully and master this wand, a whole world of powerful and ancient magic is opened up.

9. Reaper Sword
While this particular blade doesn't do an incredible amount of damage, it's worth mentioning because of who is able to use it. It is the opposite of the Lion-Hearted Sword; only those who deal in darkness and have evil in their hearts can properly wield this blade. Thus, if your opponent draws such a sword from their scabbard and has control of it, beware; their souls are black, and have no mercy in such a fight!

10. Scorpyon Sting
A careful hand is required for this unique weapon or you may very well kill yourself! It's the tail of a creature who bears deadly poison in the stinger on the end, and a simple needle can stop a heart if an antidote isn't administered quickly. The segmented tail -- your only handle -- is highly unsteady and difficult to manage, so caution, precision and hours and hours of training are required unless you wish yourself a most painful death. But to have this thing lashing at you in the arena is a frightening thing indeed!


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