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Welcome to Issue 16
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Thanksgiving Reflection
Written By Gemajgall

During this festive season, I feel it's important for us to sit back and reflect upon on all the blessings that exist so abundantly in our lives. So, I'd like to take some time here and reflect upon all the many things I personally am grateful for on Misticpets.

The thing I am most thankful for is our community and staff. I have yet to meet a nicer group of online people or a more caring and available staff. Even though I am usually a lurker, I really enjoy reading the forums where Misticans know each other more than just by screen name. The way they help each other out is unparalleled. There are real bonds between Misticpets users that exist across miles and cultures and come together right here. Even more so, the staff themselves set a shining example. Even before I had the honor of becoming a Mistican writer, I was always impressed with how they openly communicated developments and site errors. They would even appear on the forums for a casual chat or to politely answer any question. Some of the staff even took the effort to find me on other websites and wish me well, showing that their interest in people extends beyond their website. Being a part of Misticpets has always made me feel out-right good inside and I couldn't be more thankful to be a member of this site.

I also want to thank all the artists for their hard work and creativity. I have said this before and I will say it again repeatedly; Misticpets has the best artwork of any virtual site on the net. That is irrevocably true. From Aurelius to Daydream Braenons to The Missing Cookie, every image shows a great attention to detail, balance, and color. Every week more images are released, making Mistica all the brighter and more developed. I am thankful for all that we have and I am thankful for all that will be coming in the future.

The world itself is also something I really appreciate. The world map is utterly fantastic and the lands we have are wonderfully imaginative. I am especially excited to see Mistica develop as new areas and new ideas become available. I am so thankful to be a member of Misticpets and watch as it grows and expands and as new characters add new action and history to it. It is all very thrilling.

And last but certainly not the least by far, I am thankful for Tarinooki. I have never seen a more amazing virtual pet. They are everything I could possibly want in a pet. Tarinooki are colorful, cute, playful, free, and creative. From their wings to their tails, they are a pet out of my happiest daydream. I am grateful for Tarinooki and the world that they come from. I am thankful for being able to adopt such a pet. I absolutely love them and want to surround myself by an army of these adorable creatures. Let me say it one more time as it is very true; I am thankful for Tarinooki.

In closing, I want to thank you, the reader of this article, for taking your time to skim this and to ponder what makes you thankful. I truly hope that the blessings of this holiday find their way into your heart. Happy Thanksgiving!


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