Raffle and Feed Pal Winners! - Posted: January 23, 2022


The Weekly Raffle has come to a close, and we are very happy to announce the latest super lucky Misticans!!

Congratulations to Xeiana, who has won 1st place this week!

And also to , who has won 2nd place this week!

Xeiana has won a 200MP!

OR the MC pot of 100,100 MC!

Be sure to mail Pandoria to let her know of your choice!

Congratulations to our 2nd place winner !
They will receive 100MP!

Be sure to head on over to purchase your tickets now for a chance to win big! Remember, there are two chances to win every Sunday!!

Well done to our feed pal winners! They were:
Jedi with 0 fed
Demon with 0 fed
Rayn0nymous with 0 fed

We would also like to take this weekly newspost to remind our members of some useful tips and links to help make your gameplay more enjoyable!

Weekly Game Schedule

All games: Distorted Pix, Trivia, W/W Am I?, Totally Random, and Giveaway will be updated each Wednesday.

Giveaway will also randomly update, so be sure to check in periodically!

Also, have you met Daily?

Visit Daily every day to help remind you of all the fun and interesting activities here in Mistica!

~Mistic Team.

Welcome Back / Recap - Posted: December 7, 2021

Hello, dear Misticans!
It’s been a LONG TIME since I’ve been able to type that. That nostalgia hits fast. I wanted to come on and put up a refresher post as I’ve been seeing some new and returning faces popping in.

First of all, the site’s LIVE AGAIN. There was an issue with the physical hosting location, and due to the pandemic our wonderful GeekGirl was only just able to get it fixed the other day. We experienced over a year of down-time, and while the site is accessible again… not much has actually changed.

We entered a period of no updates because of the “disappearance” of the owner in [August 2018]. The staff stepped down due to loss of contact with the owner, several behind-the-scenes issues that couldn’t be worked around, and lack of access/permissions. As far as I know, any attempts to reach out to her have still gone unanswered; this includes offers to purchase the site.


For our new people: While the site may not have much activity, there’s still a bit around to do. You can still make new pets and care for them through the various collectable items. If you're able to play the non-flash games, you can earn up MC and convert it into the premium currency (MP) to purchase from the credit shop, etc. We also have a rather bustling [Discord Server] that is open to join!

However, the following features are no longer being updated/maintained:
• Raffle rewards were manually awarded and will not be sent out.
• Credit Shop stock is not updated seasonally, and MP purchasing has been turned off.
• Most of the Flash games section wasn’t converted, so they no longer work.
• Wishing Well was manually awarded, and no longer maintained.


And that’s about all I can think of for a general update. I hope everyone is doing well, and if anyone has any questions, the best way to reach me is to ping me in the Discord server. I’ll be checking in occasionally, so you can also send me a [Mail] here too.


Ghost Town - Posted: October 7, 2019

Hello Misticans! It's Raichurules.

It really is hard to stay away from MisticPets, and even though I stepped away as the last active staff member back in what, August '18, I still miss this place. I'm sorry I can't come back with any good news.

I haven't had any contact with Zara, and as far a I know, neither have any of the rest of the old staff. I was sending emails monthly for a while, but I never got a response to any of them... I sincerely hope she'll reply eventually, even if it's with bad news, but so far nada.

So what are you doing, Raichu? Why the news post? Well October was always my favorite month around here. I'm a sucker for Lanturnacht. And like I said, it's hard to stay away. So I'm planning on doing a few things just because I still can.

- - - - -


Let's start with the Weekly Raffle. I've written out the list of winners from September '18 through September '19. I plan on having them all sent out by the end of tonight. There's a lot. BUT, winners will only get one letter for the entire period that lists the dates/earnings. No spam from the Raichu!

- - - - -


I'll go dump some fresh stock in the Credit Shop at some point before the end of the week. I'm not quite sure what all I'll put in just yet; leave suggestions in the comments/mail me if you're looking for something specific. I'll update when new stock is in.

- - - - -


x Spooky stock to roll out across Mistica Shops by the end of the week
x Random events to give out candy / candy bags (tomorrow/day after?)
x Forum event possibly? Depending on my free time!
x Costume Contest (Gotta look into if Legendaries are working first, no promises)

- - - - -


Unfortunately, this is not all good news. I'd mentioned before that the staff struggled to roll out content without Zara due to many things not being in the Control Panel, but accessed somewhere different. That only she had access to. This includes:
x Trick or Treating
x Jasper's Circus
x Chamber of Evil

And that's it for now! If you have any questions just shoot me a MisticMail and I'll get back to you. This can be for things outside the news post too, however I'm not sure what all I might be able to fix...

A Lonely Staff Member

All the Best... - Posted: August 20, 2018

Hello Misticans,

I’ve had to think for a considerably long time on just what to say here. And I still don’t quite have the right words. I’m so glad I was able to help keep Misticpets going for the year and a half that I’ve been a member of staff, especially considering how things were already looking when I was brought on. I, and the other members of staff who have since stepped down, managed to scrape a few events together with what limited access we had, and in December we had hit some of the largest numbers of users online that I’d seen in a long time.

But things have been very, very quiet since then. In March, the entire staff team stepped down. We said no new art, no events, nothing. I’ve been quietly keeping things going in the background (sending raffle rewards, updating the Credit Shop, and other small tasks) to keep the site from completely dying, but my motivation has just… run out. I haven’t seen anything progress-wise, and I can’t keep fighting this battle by myself. Especially with our Big Holidays quickly approaching, and everyone’s (especially my own) desire to see something, anything, happen for them.

I’m so sorry, because I know what this means for MisticPets as of now, but I have to step down too… completely. I’ll be finishing out the month of August, sending rewards and stocking the credit shop one last time, but after that, there will be no active staff members here at Misticpets.

What this means come September:

Raffle rewards will no longer be sent out, regardless of what the news posts say (as they are automatically generated and can not be turned off).

I will update the Credit Shop one last time for anyone that may still want to spend their MP. It will have stock from various seasons with a large quantity, but once it’s out, it’s out.

The Crystalized Toadstool will not be updated, meaning Kohal will only take on one appearance regardless of the month. I have put up a poll, and come September 1st, whichever color has the most votes is what I’ll switch it too. If no one votes, I’m defaulting it to July.


TLDR: The last staff member has stepped down, meaning Misticpets no longer has any active staff. Things will no longer be updated and rewards for raffle will no longer be sent out come September.


I’m really sorry. I love this site so much, but I just can’t do this anymore.


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