Raffle and Feed Pal Winners! - Posted: March 18, 2018


The Weekly Raffle has come to a close, and we are very happy to announce the latest super lucky Misticans!!

Congratulations to Snowwall, who has won 1st place this week!

And also to Ethylene, who has won 2nd place this week!

Snowwall has won a 200MP!

OR the MC pot of 102,500 MC!

Be sure to mail Pandoria to let her know of your choice!

Congratulations to our 2nd place winner Ethylene!
They will receive 100MP!

Be sure to head on over to purchase your tickets now for a chance to win big! Remember, there are two chances to win every Sunday!!

Well done to our feed pal winners! They were:
Sugarfairy with 15 fed
Draconima with 8 fed
Snowwall with 6 fed

We would also like to take this weekly newspost to remind our members of some useful tips and links to help make your gameplay more enjoyable!

Weekly Game Schedule

All games: Distorted Pix, Trivia, W/W Am I?, Totally Random, and Giveaway will be updated each Wednesday.

Giveaway will also randomly update, so be sure to check in periodically!

Also, have you met Daily?

Visit Daily every day to help remind you of all the fun and interesting activities here in Mistica!

~Mistic Team.

Until Next Time - Posted: March 16, 2018

Hello everyone,

We on misticpets staff want to take this time to apologize for the lack of activity and the relative silence surrounding it, at least on an official front. The contents of this news post are aimed to help explain things a bit better and let you all know how things currently stand and what to expect for the near future of misticpets.com. 

As of now, all members on staff have taken a step back from active development on the site. While there are many different reasons for this individually, the general consensus is that we are no longer interested in working to keep the site running while the owner continues to remain absent (or, at least, trying to. Our access to many areas of the site are extremely limited, as we've detailed in previous news posts and different forums). The last we had any contact with Zarabeythe was on 2/04/18 (via a message in the staff discord server). Since this is such a recurring trend and because she showed little initiative to make the changes the site drastically needed during her short return, our small active staff list simply lacks the ability and motivation to keep trying to get around the many access problems. 

What this means is that you won't see any news posts coming out after this (beyond the automated raffle/weekly update post--we have no way of turning this off, unfortunately) and you won't see any updates as far as new item or pet releases, plots, events, or anything of that nature. Things will remain as they are on site currently, as far as features and games, but the weekly changeovers will likely be delayed--if they happen at all--as will any features that require payout (such as the weekly raffle) so play these at your own risk. 

Many of us are simply waiting to see if Zara will return and, when and if she does, if she will make the large changes that the site desperately needs. Things are looking pretty grim, and we just want to apologize to all of you for what a letdown this must be. None of us wanted to see mistic come to this because it's been such a home for many of us over the years, but we feel like we simply lack the access and motivation to keep this up. 

If she hasn't returned by the end of this month, we may or may not post in the forums with all of our previously planned work for the site, such as plot ideas, art concepts, unreleased pet themes and species, etc. as a kind of "last hurrah". 

If you wish to stay in contact with many of your fellow site members as well as those on the staff team, the Misticpets Discord Channel is a great option. The link above will take you to the forum post regarding that. 

Until next time,

The Misticpets Staff Team

Updates + Behind the Scenes! - Posted: January 4, 2018

We just wanted to quickly updated everyone about a new section that's recently opened up on the forums: Behind the Scenes! 

Click the image above to visit it!

We'll be using this forum as a means to tease new and work in progress content to members as well as post smaller updates. It will also be a place to facilitate discussion between staff and members and a place where you can ask us questions! 

Also, we've included an update about Zara here, but we realize that not everyone checks the forums for updates so we're also copying what was written there and including it below. Thank you all for your patience and we hope you enjoy seeing some of what we're working on for you!


We (the staff) think it's a good idea to update you all about Zarabeythe and why there has been less activity then we had planned for Misticpets.

- - - - -


Zarabeythe went in for surgery on July 20th (2017). It should have been a simple operation with her return to Misticpets within a week's time. From what we heard, however, it did not go well. There were complications that left her with limited use of her left side, and she was placed in a recovery facility and started on physical therapy. We learned this through contact with her husband in August. The next, and last, update we received was in September. Zara had returned home but was still recovering from the surgical complications. She still needed rest to regain her strength.

We wished, and still wish, Zarabeythe the best on her road to recovery. 

- - - - -

So what does Zara's absence mean for Misticpets? We've been working very hard to get around the roadblocks of coding locked features, but some of them are very obvious. We couldn't open Jasper's Circus, we couldn't activate the Gifting Grounds, or the Advent Calender, or Snowball tossing. We won't be able to turn on Lovebugs and Cooties, or Znakes, or Paper Fish (should Zara not have returned by this point).


And, as hard as we've looked, we don't believe we can release new pet colorations either. Or update old ones. This means there won't be new blessings for a while either. The Champion Section of the CS has apparently been turned off, the grace for the month is locked on the Geared Caribyss, etc.

So you'll see some teasers in this board for things that simply can't be updated for a while. We just want to show you, our members, that we are working on things. That there is progress behind the scenes and plans to keep Misticpets active. We'll continue to update everything that we can and get around the "coding wall" to the best of our abilities.

Thank you for sticking around with us during this mess. We're doing what we can for this wonderful community that we love.


From the Ashes - Posted: January 1, 2018

It feels like last year was a rough one for many people, but the air is finally starting to clear. We are left transformed, even if only a little, as the dust settles and we continue on stronger than before. There's one creature in the lands of Mistica that can relate to this rebirth. It rises from dust and ash to live renewed.


Members who purchase $50 worth of MP throughout the month will be rewarded a Phoenix Phelocan Grace. Purchases will stack, meaning you can make two $25 purchases and still get a Grace. There are 50 available, and the running total can be found in Mistic Chat. Please disregard the Geared Caribyss on the purchase page; apparently he's comfortable where he is and we can't get him to leave.

WinterGala Zokuleon

Infestation Nokwi

Opalescent Ricket

Normal Haruba

Swamp Tarinooki

Woodland Jumboyo


Znake In A Boot

Knee-Length Black Pants


Mistican Excellence Award

Mistical Dandelion
Total Members: 4,844

Total Members Pets: 18,176

Total Unique Items: 11,635

Total Member-Owned Items: 1,642,639

Total Members Alliances: 18

Total Members Shops: 3,240

Total Mistic Cash in Bank: 6,568,755,304

Average Mistic Cash Per Member (**): 21,116,383

Total Forum Posts: 4,008

** - includes points and bank balance
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