The End..? - Posted: October 16, 2017

As a PSA, the plot shop will close tomorrow morning because of the delay getting this last post out. Make sure to spend your plot points now, as they will NOT carry over into the next plot! 

* * *

Imps and Sprites alike stood in stunned silence at what had just occurred. Asher pushed himself up off the ground with a string of curses muttered under his breath, his small hands brushing off his clothing as his eyes lifted to face whatever threat was about to emerge from the book and the Imp King’s magic. He truly had Mistica’s best intentions at heart but his ego was as unfortunately just as large as his hero’s complex. Robin had help standing, a group of his more loyal followers rushing to surround him and offer him some much-needed support while everyone else was at his throat.

“Stand back!” Mephitic hissed, moving toward the book and making a point of thickening his magic to shield the rewritten words from prying eyes. The book writhed and twisted within his grasp, all those surrounding it moving back a few paces for fear of what might happen to it. The daydream and nightmare hues slowly sputtered out, the Book of Dreams falling limply to the ground as if none of it had happened. The king picked it up before anyone else could get the chance and tossed it under one arm, a deadpanned expression lingering on his features as he addressed the crowd.

“There is powerful magic surrounding this book; if I had to guess it’s some kind of black magic curse. It’s better off sealed away or destroyed. I’ll take it with me, since black magic is my specialty. No need to have anyone else get hurt because of my son’s actions.”

Asher gave a sideways frown at that, his gaze narrowing on the king suspiciously. “Why would you volunteer to do something nice?” he questioned, earning a glare from Mephitic before the royal twins cut in. “Quiet now, please. Mephitic is the foremost authority on black magic. If he thinks it’s dangerous then we should concede. He’s also one of the few able to deal with such an artifact if it’s that much of a threat.” Aislin explained, earning a few nods from those around her. The heroic sprite crossed his arms with a small huff, turning to Robin with a disappointed frown.

“It was your fault anyway. You’re the one who tried to take it. At least we learned something.”

“Hey, not everything was Robin’s fault you know.” A timid Aibrean cut in, the small sprite knitting her brows together as she took a tiny step toward the imp prince and his followers. He perked up a little at that, the previously defeated imp finally getting a spark back in his eyes, even if it was a spark of confusion. Murmurs of agreement came from his closest followers, the imps banding together to keep him away from the angrier, more violent sectors of the crowd and showing that they wouldn’t stand by and allow him to continue taking the metaphorical beating alone.

“You’re right; almost everything was his fault.” Asher corrected himself, still incredibly irritated with the entire situation and not entirely in the wrong for being that way. He thought it was a crisis, after all, only to be faced with a cursed book and a disobedient prince. The crowd wasn’t about to argue with the Sprite champion, either. “Now, if everything has been settled then we don’t really have any more reason to be here. Mephitic!” he turned to the king, hovering over to look him directly in the eyes while he snarled in return.

“Take your son and that book and let’s be done with it. I think Mistica has had quite enough of this silly war.” He held out a gloved hand toward the imp king, his expression stoic and unreadable but the gesture one of peace. Mephitic smirked and returned it, grasping the Sprite’s hand a little too tight.

“Agreed. Enjoy your evening, hero.” He spat, turning without another word to board the nightmare belragoth he’d arrived on. A quick glare was all it took for Robin to quickly scurry after him, giving a parting, thankful wave to those that had tried to stand up for him in the midst of all the chaos. The crowds scattered and the monster took them deeper into the murky swamp, far from the prying eyes of anyone who could witness what happened next.

“I have to say that I’m rather impressed, Robin.” The king said lowly, pulling the book up and passing a clawed hand over its surface, a swirling green essence twisting around the pages and pulling the ink off of them as easily as it had returned. He chuckled lowly, a dark smile lingering on his face as Robin watched with wide eyes. “With a little more work and a little more time with the mirror you may become a master of the dark arts yet. As for this book…well,” the king snapped his hand shut with a sickening squish as the last of the ink was lifted from the pages, the magic dispersing and wrapping itself around the book to render it impossible to read once more.

“Some secrets are best left unknown…at least, unknown by most~” 


Friday the 13th! (Updated) - Posted: October 12, 2017

The spookiest day of the year has finally arrived in Mistica! Those of you who are superstitious may want to grab your good luck charms and hold them tight! Regardless of your luck, we're celebrating this Friday~

The jinx is now available to create for free today! They've also brought along some friends. If you would like a Gurahdi, Obsideon, or Stignightus, head over to the GIVEAWAY to get a Friday 13th Bag with one of their essences.

The stars have aligned and the bloodmoon jinx has re-appeared! 13 graces are available today in the credit shop for 500 MP each. They're sure to go quickly so make sure to grab yours while you have the chance!

Happy Friday the 13th!


*All 13 Blood Moon Jinx Graces have been purchased! 12:09 PM Mistic Time

Monthly Updates - Posted: October 2, 2017

After a lot of digging, A LOT, the mistic team has finally found a way to update some of the monthly aspects! Just take a look below and see for yourself!



*As a reminder, Graces have been discontinued until further notice! Do not let the Geared Caribyss on the purchase page lie to you, we just haven't been able to chase it off yet. There is no additional gift for purchases other than the listed MP by the purchase amount.

That's A Wrap! - Posted: October 1, 2017

I'd like to thank everyone that got involved in bidding during our first Premium Auction Day! We hope you enjoyed gunning for some of those items and look forward to events like this in the future.

Let's give a big hand to our big spenders today. Some got away with those rare items for pennies, and others broke bank.

Dragonfly - Vending Token @ 11,000 MC
white_queen - Pet Name Tag @ 20,000 MC
Faint - Baby Pandoria Box @ 610,500 MC
Jill - L.E. Ricket Ploosh @ 5,500 MC
Ilovestuffi - Pumpkin Spice Stignightus Grace @ 11,550,500 MC
Psychosis - Pet Slot Coin @ 75,800 MC
Coreath - Lysador Relic @ 27,500 MC
Deedeeme - Blood Moon Jinx Grace @ 50,000,000 MC
Deedeeme - Terror Pandoria Box @ 9,000,000 MC

We also discovered that there appears to be a 50mil max on the auctions! We didn't know this going in, but this will be posted as a notice on any further Auction Days.

Again, congrats to our winners and to everyone that participated. We hope to see you on another Premium Auction Day in the future.

~Raichurules and the Mistic Team

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