The Chamber! - Posted: October 24, 2016

Jasper woke with his general disdain for the waking world, hands reaching up to cover his eyes, grumbling chasing away the dreams of monstrous hoofbeats and his reflection swirling away, drowning in that blasted mirror.

He stopped.

His face felt… wrong. Actually… Everything felt wrong. He was too short; his ears were too long and too mobile. He had a mustache. A mustache!

He jumped up, opening his eyes, limbs flailing wildly without wings to balance him. He nearly tripped over Gregory, who was scuttling around short legs, trying desperately to climb Jasper’s - no, Jasper realized with horror, not his but Albrecht’s - body.

Jasper froze, then manipulated his new ears - arms? - To help Gregory to a new and yet familiar perch. His - or Albrecht’s - hands found the body’s eyes again, and he groaned. He had to do something, but going back to the circus was impossible. “Albrecht’s” appearance on the grounds could upset his customers, and he had to trust that his colleagues at the circus, particularly Archie, would be able to keep the real Albrecht from doing any harm.

That is if Albrecht was in his body as he suspected.

For now, Jasper would have to be content to open, possibly fix, Albrecht’s Chamber of Evil. After all, if it didn’t open, people would start to wonder, and if they began to wonder, they might find out the travesty that occurred. And that wasn’t an option.
Jasper - as - Albrecht arrived at the chamber to greet a confused crowd and one angry, easily recognized two-headed-Obsideon. Murmurs traveled through the Misticans as they commented on Gregory’s position on Albrecht’s head.... Murmurs that Jasper sincerely hoped would die out as they rushed into Albrecht’s blasted chamber.

Ghost growled as Jasper approached the doors, nearly lunging as Jasper flung them open with a flourish.

“You had better not screw this up.”


Jasper turned away from the scrutiny of Ghost’s two heads, beckoning in eager customers. If he wanted to suggest the circus to the Misticans passing him, Ghost’s hot anger behind him was enough to dissuade the idea.

Hopefully Robin, for all the trouble he caused, was giving Albrecht the same problems.
The Chamber is open! If you dare to enter.
Please be warned that there could be some unpleasant side effects if you choose to participate in the Chamber.

Can you find these treasures of the past within the Chamber this year?
Will the risk outweigh the reward? Or will the opposite hold true? 

~Mistic Team

This feature is a flash feature, we apologize that many on mobile devices cannot enter the Chamber due to technology limitations. 

Due to how finicky flash is, we recommend chrome for your maze-ing!
Please be aware of some of the consequences that may fall upon you, should you choose to enter the Chamber of Evil. Your pet could have it's food level changed or even lose some Hit Points! An item could be stolen from your inventory! You may lose some of your daily moves! You could even end up with an empty candy bowl. (how sad!) However... there are many amazing items waiting to be found within. Are you game?

Ready...Set...Go! - Posted: September 26, 2016

Both teams ended up back in Daniel-san’s shop where they started, staring in confusion at a crumpled piece of paper, what was presumably the final clue from the depths of the swamp. It wasn’t written in code or a different language – no, that would probably have been easier to understand. Instead it was two lines of scrawled text, written as though the author was in a rush, or perhaps was using their nondominant foot. To add insult to injury, the paper had some kind of smudge on it, and had been crumpled and torn in half. In fact, if they hadn’t met back up, they might not have known anything was missing.

“An ingenious plan, by whoever wrote it…” Jack muttered to himself, as his partner and Anemone worked to carefully tape the scraps of paper together.

“Ingenious? More like careless, I would think.” Cordelia glanced at Jack and grinned mischievously. “If I didn’t know better, I’d have assumed you had written it.”

While the pirates scowled and bickered, Anemone was lost in thought, staring at the clue as Dan held it as unwrinkled as possible. She moved her lips silently, words starting on her mouth and dying before they could be spoken. Suddenly a lightbulb seemed to go on over her head, and she pulled out a small, compact mirror. In the reflection, despite the rips, tears, and horrible, horrible handwriting, the clue was clear as it could be.

“Far past the rolls of grassy green,
Beneath the water treasure lies unseen.”

Cordelia and Jack froze at Anemone’s words, and a look of admiration spread across Cordelia’s face.

“Last one there gets absolutely nothing!” Cordelia grabbed Anemone’s hand and they took off laughing. This time it was Daniel-san who got the shocked Jack Skillow moving, shoving him out the door to follow the other team.


*** Fear not Misticans, for those of you who are looking for the clue. The link will be put in place later today so do not panic. An alert will be set when the link is able to be found ***

FAN-damonium! - Posted: January 22, 2015

The Kelpie River ran cold and quiet while weak winter beams of sunlight bounced off its surface. Few Misticans here lived above the water, so when the shadow of the blue box blocked out of the sun, it went unnoticed. The box spun wildly before one of its corners caught the ground, sending it skidding along the soft wet banks of the river, tearing up grass and flinging mud like a tornado.

It thudded loudly as the box finally stopped against a thick wall of mud of its own making. Skewed, its doors suddenly burst open, and ejected several brightly colored objects straight up into the sky, as though the things were rotten food being viciously spat out.

“Oh no…no, no, no…” the Doctor moaned as he stumbled out of the doors now swinging gently in the cold breeze. He adjusted his glasses, reached into his leather jacket and pulled out his screwdriver, which wasn’t really a screwdriver at all. Pointing it up in the sky its tip blinked blue; the Doctor looked at it, sighed, and pocketed it again.

“Gone, I suppose,” he said to himself, crossing his arms in front of his chest, “Whoever finds them will be in for a bit of a surprise…”

Be on the lookout for these mysterious objects Mistica, they can be found in Mysterious Mistic Events!

Who knows what sorts of treasure they hide?
All thanks to some bumbling Doctor.. Hope the Gruleks aren't running amok again!

(Sneak Peek!)

Or Balloons!

What will you be collecting?
Don't forget to stop by and see Erika at the Village Bakery, she has some Fan-Tastic Treats!

This event is for you, our amazing community and ultimate FANS. We tried to hit a broad range of interests, you may recall some boards over the past few months asking about fandoms. Over the next week, we have LOTS more fun up our sleeves so don't wander too far away and enjoy all the free and fun collectibles!

~Mistic Team
Don't miss out on these avatars!

Merry Mistmas!! - Posted: December 25, 2014

King Blithe, Aurelius and Meriklaus chatted happily in Keilly’s cafe; each had a mug of hot cocoa with a candy cane sticking out of it. They talked of Mistmas cheer and viewed the clear night and starry skies; fortunately, Ravi-Sorin was just warm enough to sit outside but just cool enough to enjoy a warm drink.

A sudden chill ran through them all as Frost landed next to their table, stumbling to his knees. He was frantic and out of breath, panting a few times before he could speak. “Please, you have to help her! She could die!” He didn’t even stand, speaking from on his knees as if he were begging.

“Woah! What? Who?” asked Blithe as he caught his mug before it tipped over.

“What’s going on?” Meriklaus asked at the same time.

“Boreal. Please, you have to help her! She’s dying!” Frost begged; his icy eyes shone with concern.

“Boreal!” Aurelius exclaimed.

“Her magic backfired. Please, you have to help!”


Meriklaus’s shyre pulled her sleigh and its passengers right in front of Boreal’s castle. It was eerily quiet. The large front door was open, rocking a few inches back and forth in the wind. Frost didn’t hesitate. Before the sleigh had fully stopped, he leapt out and raced inside. Aurelius and King Blithe exchanged an uneasy look before heading inside as well.

The found Frost kneeling next to Boreal, who was unconscious and covered in deep cuts and glass shards. Her breathing was shallow; it didn’t look good.

“If we did nothing, we probably could save ourselves a big headache next year,” Blithe grumbled, only half serious. Frost shot him an ice glare.

“That isn’t how we do things on Mistmas,” Meriklaus lightly scolded.

She placed her hooves together, and light and magic gathered there. Being Mistmas day, her magic was exceptionally strong. Queen Boreal’s wounds healed within a few minutes; her dark eyes fluttered open.

Trying to regain her sense of dignity as a queen, she pulled herself to her feet, glaring at her guests. “What are you doing here?” She stood firmly, hiding the fact her legs still felt weak; she would never willingly show weakness in front of her enemies.

“Are you okay?” Frost asked without acknowledging her question.

“Get out,” Boreal spoke with the warmth of a blizzard. “All of you--get out now!”  Without waiting to see if they’d actually leave, she turned around and stormed deeper into her castle, slamming the doors behind her with a loud thud.

It was awkwardly silent for a moment between the others before King Blithe spoke up, “I suppose it would be asking too much to hear a ‘thank you’.”

“We should respect her wishes and leave,” Meriklaus said. Aurelius nodded in agreement, and they all headed out into the bright morning sun that sparkled off of the fresh snow.

“What happened to her? She doesn’t even know how to have fun any more?” Frost asked; he sounded bewildered and sulky.

“I can’t imagine the queen ever having fun,” Blithe remarked.

“A smile wouldn’t hurt her ever---” Aurelius was cut off when a snow ball nailed him directly in the face. Frost smirked, tossing another snowball up into the air and catching it again. Meriklaus took one look at Aurelius’s dumbstruck expression and fell to her back laughing. “Do you think this is funny?” Aurelius said while spitting out flakes.

“Yes!” Meriklaus barely managed to hiccup amid laughter.

Frost also chuckled until a massive snowball knocked him off his feet. King Blithe whistled innocently as snowy clumps clung to his paws. Meriklaus only laughed harder. Within moments, all four were engaged in a snowball fight, which quickly spread across Mistica as people everywhere celebrated the day with family and friends.

Merry Mistmas, everyone!
Snowy Field
click the above image to head to the snowball field and join the FUN!

~Mistic Team 


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