Raffle and Feed Pal Winners! - Posted: September 15, 2019

Well done to our feed pal winners! They were:
Jedi with 0 fed
Demon with 0 fed
Rayn0nymous with 0 fed

We would also like to take this weekly newspost to remind our members of some useful tips and links to help make your gameplay more enjoyable!

Weekly Game Schedule

All games: Distorted Pix, Trivia, W/W Am I?, Totally Random, and Giveaway will be updated each Wednesday.

Giveaway will also randomly update, so be sure to check in periodically!

Also, have you met Daily?

Visit Daily every day to help remind you of all the fun and interesting activities here in Mistica!

~Mistic Team.

All the Best... - Posted: August 20, 2018

Hello Misticans,

I’ve had to think for a considerably long time on just what to say here. And I still don’t quite have the right words. I’m so glad I was able to help keep Misticpets going for the year and a half that I’ve been a member of staff, especially considering how things were already looking when I was brought on. I, and the other members of staff who have since stepped down, managed to scrape a few events together with what limited access we had, and in December we had hit some of the largest numbers of users online that I’d seen in a long time.

But things have been very, very quiet since then. In March, the entire staff team stepped down. We said no new art, no events, nothing. I’ve been quietly keeping things going in the background (sending raffle rewards, updating the Credit Shop, and other small tasks) to keep the site from completely dying, but my motivation has just… run out. I haven’t seen anything progress-wise, and I can’t keep fighting this battle by myself. Especially with our Big Holidays quickly approaching, and everyone’s (especially my own) desire to see something, anything, happen for them.

I’m so sorry, because I know what this means for MisticPets as of now, but I have to step down too… completely. I’ll be finishing out the month of August, sending rewards and stocking the credit shop one last time, but after that, there will be no active staff members here at Misticpets.

What this means come September:

Raffle rewards will no longer be sent out, regardless of what the news posts say (as they are automatically generated and can not be turned off).

I will update the Credit Shop one last time for anyone that may still want to spend their MP. It will have stock from various seasons with a large quantity, but once it’s out, it’s out.

The Crystalized Toadstool will not be updated, meaning Kohal will only take on one appearance regardless of the month. I have put up a poll, and come September 1st, whichever color has the most votes is what I’ll switch it too. If no one votes, I’m defaulting it to July.


TLDR: The last staff member has stepped down, meaning Misticpets no longer has any active staff. Things will no longer be updated and rewards for raffle will no longer be sent out come September.


I’m really sorry. I love this site so much, but I just can’t do this anymore.


Feeling Lucky? - Posted: April 13, 2018

For those triskaidekaphobics (people who fear the number thirteen) out there, I surely bet not! And today is the most UN-lucky of them all. Keep an eye out for ladders and black cats because today is...

Friday 13th!

And for us Misticans, well, it means we'll be seeing a lot more of a certain unlucky pet speices today. Recent Jinx sightings have increased overnight, and if you dare, you can bring one home with you for free.

And it seems they've brought a present along with them! Head over to the giveaway to grab a Jinx Pinata, which has been filled with a few Jinx-related goodies.

Egg-Hunt! - Posted: April 8, 2018

All was quiet in the lands of Mistica as the chill of early morning clung to the air. Most Misticans were still snug in their beds and burrows, but one dared to venture out before the dawn. Besides, how can you possibly hide Ostara eggs if everyone is watching you hide them?

The Easter Vix looked over the field, having placed the last egg gently in a patch of flowers. Everything was ready, hopefully everyone has their baskets ready.

- - - - -

The Easter Vix has hidden an assortment of eggs; will you be lucky enough to find one? Be on the lookout for Random Events containing a few basic colored eggs!

If you fancy a more decorated egg, Rosebud is selling some supplies you might just find useful, and King Blithe will be more than glad to help you paint them.

- - - - -

All of the shopkeepers around Mistica have also switched their stock over to be a bit more festive. If you're gifting some rabbits this Ostara, be sure they're chocolate ones, and not real ones (unless the person can handle a new pal)!

Infestation Haruba

Overgrowth Emperon

Inferno Ahbruis

Baby Belragoth

Overgrowth Draklaita

Baby Mericai

Blush Jumboyo Beanbag

Green Party Popper

Yellow and Red Firework


Platinum Wire

Pirate Treasure Map
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Total Unique Items: 11,635

Total Member-Owned Items: 1,692,190

Total Members Alliances: 19

Total Members Shops: 3,243

Total Mistic Cash in Bank: 6,207,860,146

Average Mistic Cash Per Member (**): 17,883,418

Total Forum Posts: 4,086

** - includes points and bank balance
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