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Who's There? - Posted: March 20, 2017

No one dared to move a muscle, as if by doing so, whatever that apocalyptic pet was would end up crashing in. The knock came again and the eye vanished, only for the face of an apocalyptic tarinooki to appear in its place.

Knock knock.

The third set of knocks came and the small child took a closer look at the face before she squealed and lunged out of her parents' arms. The cries of frantic parents and Benni and Harmony's shocked gasps were trumped by the turn of the locked door, the child throwing the door open with a spheal of laughter.

Images of the hoard of undead pets storming in flashed through their heads yet before they could even utter a scream and run for the back door, the girl smiled.


Wait, what?

The apocalyptic tarinooki smiled down at the child, exposed muscles gleaming wetly as she knelt down to gently pat the child's head. The sight of the older and rather dead tarinooki being so gentle was enough for the mother to almost pass out, but the sight of beautifully baked cookies on a colorful plate dragged them all back down into reality.

"Thank you for opening the door dear, such a sweet little grandchild I have. Son, will your family be going to the party later in the square? We're trying to gather as many people as we can." The grandmother's smile was very uneasy, bloodstained teeth sending a shiver down their spines.

"Party? What..." Benni trailed off, meeting Harmony's gaze with uncertainty. The pleasant conversation with the apocalyptic pet in front of them was strange, yet if the cookies and the numerous beads draped over her neck were any indication, was there a chance they had misinterpreted what was going on?

There was only one way to see. They had to go to this party.

Suspicious Suspicions - Posted: March 10, 2017

It was no use. Harmony nearly threw the sketches of her float in the air. All of her carefully crafted ideas and how to execute them slowly drifted down to the floor. Her plans for the best float in the upcoming parade were useless. Maybe she should have submitted her design before she opened the parade up to applicants. Mistmas in March had been her first idea filled with both snow and spring flowers, then there was Whacking Day Extravaganza with live znakes to boot.

Both were taken.

Harmony let out a sad sigh, staring down forlornly at the blank pieces of paper as if an idea would suddenly be drawn before her very eyes. Outside the village the air was being filled with golds, greens, and purples, revelry beginning to hit early as beads and the like were both tossed and decorating the streets. Normally the sight would fill her heart with happiness but instead it only seemed to cause her grief. She only had a little time before she had to start on her float.

Wait, that was it! A walk around should get the creative juices flowing! Determined, she brushed herself off and set out on her walk, losing herself in the revelry spirit as a passerbyer handed her a set of bead necklaces. Accepting it with a polite thanks, she heard a commotion behind her.

"Have you seen anything suspicious around here?" Officer Coppa? A frown tugged at her lips as she approached him. His serious demeanor was strikingly out of place in the festivities.

"Officer? Is there something wrong?" Harmony questioned as he turned away from a confused kirui. His lengthy silence as he glanced around quickly was nerve-wracking.

"I'm not at liberty to say at the moment. Have you seen anything supicious lately?" Harmony shook her head, perplexed on what he could possibly mean. Upon her denial, he left without another word.

Strange. What did Officer Coppa mean by suspicious?

A Cold and Blustery Day - Posted: March 8, 2017

Today was a particularly cold and blustery March day. While the butterflies were clinging desperately to the stems of their flowers and skillows were finding themselves flying backwards, one staunch flier was determined to arrive at his intended destination on time. He had been late so many times in the past that it would hardly be surprising if he didn't make it now, but today was the day he decided his poor reputation would end! Or maybe tomorrow, Maury thought, as a beanbag chair blew loose from his bag and landed in the middle of a soccer game.

"I'll come back for it later," Maury shrugged. "I've got to get this letter delivered on time!"

Four wings proved beneficial for combating the winds and soon he found himself soaring overhead the Banshee Swamp and landing on a partially submerged, moss covered log with the number "729" and a tiny mailbox hammered to the front of it.

"Dis be the first time I ever see you on time, Feathers!" a chipper voice said over the sound of an accordion from a driftwood porch. "Should I be scared?"

Maury panted as he dug through his pockets, pulling a slightly crinkled envelope from deep within his bag. "This is important! It's an invitation!" the phelocan said excitedly before handing over the mail.

"An invitation?" Benni said just as excitedly. He knew what kind of invitation it must be. There was only one kind of invitation this time of year. He used his claws to cleanly slice the envelope open and pulled a letter embossed with the emblem of Heartsong Music.

"This letter cordially invites the recipient to the Mistican Revelry Parade/Jamboree! (Please contact Harmony at Heartsong Music for information if you wish to submit a float.)"

"HOO-WEE!" Benni shouted as his claws shot up into the air in celebration. "We're havin' ourselves a jamboree!" A strong gust blew through the swamp, ripping the letter from Benni's claws and whisking it away to parts unseen.

Benni stared gobsmacked at his empty claws. "Don't look at me," Maury shrugged. "I actually got it here on time. What happens to it beyond that is not my problem." He flapped his wings and flew away, leaving Benni to hurry inside and prepare for the event to come.

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