Elsewhere in Mistica... - Posted: July 30, 2014

“WHAT?!” an angry voice pierced the air. A kohal shivered in the corner, but it wasn't the icy cold that was to be expected at Boreal's castle that made her do it. The ice-hearted queen glared angrily at her, spilled wine dripping down a table from an overturned chalice. Another kohal hurried forward to clean it up before she noticed, even though it was her fault the wine had spilled in the first place. “You dare disturb me while I'm recovering with such news?” she demanded of the cowering kohal.

“Y-your highness,” she said in a squeaky voice, “forgive me for my lack of foresight.”

Boreal dismissed the kohal and sat back in her cushioned chair, her white eyes blazing. “Brainless rocks,” she snarled to no one in particular, “setting up shop...as though Perryn would be strong enough to lift a hammer without my blessing.”

Her servant fetched her another chalice of wine once he'd cleaned the spilled one up. “What do you want us to do, Your Highness?” he asked her timidly.

Boreal's outburst had left her feeling dizzy and lightheaded. Curse that overgrown tree for what he did! She thought furiously. “You will send a messenger to the imps. We will need aid to put those slaves back in their places.”

King Mephitic was bewildered when a great wintercursed belragoth landed before him. He immediately recognized him as the messenger of the dark queen, Boreal, and stood before him, approaching him with a murderous look on his face. “What business have you here?” he demanded.

The belragoth spoke in a deep, booming voice that reverberated around the imp king's castle. “Queen Boreal has a proposal for an alliance with your...” He looked around distastefully at the gloomy and nightmarish décor, “mighty kingdom.”

“An alliance? What need does she have with us?” Mephitic demanded.

“My queen seeks aid in recovering two traitorous kohals who have escaped her servitude and seek to profit off of her gifts.”
Mephitic laughed in his face, a daring act considering the temperament of the average belragoth. “And why should we help her? What would be in it for us?”

The belragoth was unperturbed by the imp king's rudeness as he'd been warned to expect it. “She promises gifts of wealth...”

“Bah!” Mephitic interrupted. “I have plenty of wealth. I don't need any from her.”
“She also promises to share some of her dark spells with you,” the belragoth continued.

“I have dark spells of my own as well. If there is nothing you can promise me that I don't already own, then be gone. I have more important things to tend to than that witch's silly demands.” He turned away from the messenger and began to march back to his throne.

“I thought you should be this way.” Mephitic spun around at the sound of another voice. The belragoth lowered his wings, revealing Boreal to be sitting atop him, and helped lower her to the floor. “Which is why I have another bartering chip. The sprites...”

“What about them?” Mephitic asked. His interest was piqued at the mention of his rivals.

“They are aiding the gargoyles and gurahdia to achieve their goals. Help me achieve mine and you will have a chance at throwing a wrench into their whole operation.” She smiled darkly when she saw the contemplative look on Mephitic's face. “You have been beaten badly quite often, yes? With my help you might just triumph this time.”

Mephitic scowled; he didn’t like to be reminded of his defeats. But the queen was right. “Hmm...I like that. Yes. In fact I like it a lot,” Mephitic nodded. “Alright Boreal, we'll help you get your kohals back. What did you have in mind?”

Using a tracking spell conjured up by the ice queen herself, the imps arrived at the Quarry under the cover of night. “Look around!” the head scout ordered before they began snooping around carts carrying old rocks and gems, looking for a sign of Soraya or Perryn.

They were not as stealthy as they thought. “Imps? What are they doing way out here?” the first gargoyle scout asked. He looked through a telescope at the vile creature making its way around a camp of sleeping miners, one of them stopping to snatch an item or two.

“After the sprites no doubt,” their leader said. “We must warn Chief Blackrock and the sprites at once. The imps can't be up to any good.”


Book Collections will end this evening, stay tuned as things heat up in this plot!


~Mistic Team 

Rain or Shine? - Posted: April 22, 2014

Rain or shine, these pets are making their debut in Mistica!
In honor of their debut, Stignightus are free to create today in limited batches, so if you think you've missed out, be sure and check back!

~Mistic Team 

Spreading! - Posted: April 21, 2014

The power of the Cirrus and Nimbus Pandoria Boxes is spreading!
Look who has come to join the fun!

Congratulations to Punka and Ryutama who were randomly selected as the winners of the newspost comment giveaway of our two new boxes.!


Avatar collectors will be thrilled to add these to their collections, can you find them both?

Stay tuned for more news this afternoon!


~Mistic team

Harness the Power - Posted: April 20, 2014

Together, Pandoria and Rae stood on the outskirts of Darkwood Hollow. Rae held the box she had made and given Pandoria. Pandoria also held a box; this one was gloomy and grey. Its fluffy clouds were soaked with water that occasionally dripped down the great Braenon’s paw.

Wind whipped through their gowns; their hair was already clinging to them in limp, soggy strings. Thick clouds rolled over thicker clouds, blotting out every corner  of the sky. The ground was already saturated. Ponds had formed where fields had been. And it looked like it was no where near relenting.

However, the two goddesses weren’t alone. Half a dozen Misticpets stood behind them, ready to aid in the magic that was about to be cast.

“Ready?” Pandoria asked Rae, who nodded in response.

At the same time, they opened the boxes. The magical forces that leapt out were so powerful that it was all Rae could do to brace herself as her heels sank further into the mud. Swirling winds from within the boxes pierced through the storm; Pandoria’s Nimbus Box funneled all the grey clouds, drawing them deep within itself while Rae’s Cirrus Box split through the skies, bathing the land in warm sunlight.

The magic didn’t stop there. Their Misticpet allies shifted, changing forms as the boxes’ powers washed over them. Clouds formed beneath their paws and claws, lifting them gently off the ground. A gently yellow glow radiated from the new cirrus Misticpets while the nimbus pets cast their own drizzly shadows.

Everyone could feel the winds shift and stop as the weather was forcefully righted.
Cirrus RicketNimbus Ricket
Nimbus TarinookiCirrus Tarinooki
Cirrus PanjuNimbus Panju
Nimbus BelragothCirrus Belragoth
“Go, my pets,” said Pandoria. “Travel across Mistica. You have been blessed with these powers; use them well to correct our world’s natural magic.”

With excited cries and whinnies, the Misticpets took off--ready to undo the damaged caused by the defective hachipals. But not only that, these Misticpets looked forward to the future where their abilities of sun and rain will be put to use helping their friends, families, owners, farmers, transporters, and the whole of Mistica.

Even more so, they’re looking for more to add to their numbers with the release of these two new boxes in the credit shop!

Comment below, and two lucky members will WIN a box before the night is over!  Please also take note that each MP transaction over $25 today on Sunday 4/20, will recieve a 10% bonus of MP awarded manually!

~Mistic Team 


Infestation Belragoth

Overgrowth Lirionox

Arctic Mandoran

Daydream Lirionox

Infestation Nokwi

Zodiac Belragoth

3rd Year Strawberry Lolly

White Hair Wrap

Ur Mean Heart Candy

Blue Scout Costume

Boreal Tag

Rotting Mushroom
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