Carol of the Kohals - Posted: December 11, 2017

All was quiet in the Diamond Glacier Domain with the frozen tundra's queen abnormally inactive this year. It wasn't so much that Boreal had given up in her fight so much as it was that it didn't feel right this year. All of Mistica seemed to be quieter than usual; in fact, everyone appeared to be waiting with anticipation for the next year to roll around and bring fresh starts and new opportunities. It left a melancholy feel in the air that even the icy queen didn't care for, and for once she found herself longing for that obnoxious comet to make his way back around and shower everyone in his cheerful glow. 

She sat on her throne with a pursed frown, her pallid gaze tracing over her small army of kohals. They toiled away pointlessly, doing her bidding without question and never had much to say about it. How boring. She turned with a flick of her hair and retreated into her quarters, leaving them to do what they would. Her dreary mood was contageous, it seemed, as many watched with forlorn eyes as the only master they ever knew left them in silence once again. Somehow, their coal-colored bodies seemed to grow darker. 

One kohal turned and headed toward the exit, tearing herself away from her somber friends and moving outside to stare up at the stars above. She wandered a small distance away, snow blowing gently around her, until she came to a stop at the top of a small hill. She plopped down a little less-than-gracefully, her short snout pointed upwards as her eyes took in the vast expanse of stars that were visible to her all the way out here; the galaxy really was something to behold, and the aurora that curled its way across the sky nearly took her breath away. If only she could bring that light to her friends, if only she could inspire them to move beyond the icy castle walls that they'd known their whole life. 

Kohals typically were kicked out every year by Boreal, but the truth was that they could probably escape if they ever wanted to. They were just weak-willed creatures and were easily startled, their icy queen intimidating enough to smash any ideas of escape or rebellion before they began. 

She sighed, her breath freezing in the air before her. She watched the little cloud as it drifted down the hill, perking up a little when she noticed a shimmer of color beneath the snowy peaks. She stood and used a stony paw to brush the snow away from this odd bit of color, her eyes widening as she took in the beauty of a toadstool quite unlike any she'd seen before...normally toadstools couldn't survive this far north.

She returned to her friends in a flurry of color and a buzz of energy. The drab kohals gasped at her appearance, a mix of shock and awe spreading through the crowd as she stood before them and offered them an escape. Hope that they hadn't had before.

"Come with me!" she called, the group not hard to persuade now that she had a presence almost as beautiful as Aurelius himself. "The best gift this Mistmas will be a new and loving home. We deserve more than these icy walls." she called out, running through the crowd and getting the entire bunch excited about the prospects of what the rest of the world could look like. Was there more than snow and glaciers? Was it always cold? What did non-arctic pets look like? It wasn't long before the castle was abuzz with activity and shorter still before the kohal were leaving the castle in waves, following their newest star. 

Boreal, hearing the commotion, peaked around the corner and smirked; there was an odd satisfaction in her eyes as she watched her creations make their way out. My how they'd grown since she first created them. She turned away and closed the door behind her, leaving them once more, to their own choices. 

* * *

The kohal are now available for creation! They will be free to create on the create-a-pet page for the rest of the month, so go adopt your own little stone friend today!

The Great Gobbler Race! - Posted: November 23, 2017

Before we bring you live coverage of the great gobbler race, the staff team here at Misticpets want to take this opportunity to tell you all THANK YOU! We know that the past few months have been hard on the community and we want to express our gratitude to each and every one of you for sticking it out with us. Misticpets wouldn't be the amazing place it is now without you, and we look forward to building the site up again together!

From all of us on staff, have a happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to head over to the giveaway today to recieve your very own Gobbler. Maybe you can train it up to be in racing shape by next year?


"And now, the moment you've all been waiting for! Gather 'round to witness the greatest gobbler race in the history of Mistica! Nevermind that it's the first one~" Makato cut in, the sly anya leaping up to the announcer's booth at the quickly thrown together racetrack. The crowd that had gathered was pretty substantial and many more followed with the broadcast and turn by turn announcements given by Ken Kratork. The gobblers were gathered up in pens at the beginning of their respective tracks, some looking far more focused than others, and the excitement in the air was palpable. 

"And they're off!" the announcement cut through the air as the buzzer went off and released the gobblers from their pens, 4 out of the 5 rushing forward without hesitation. Dust lifted into the air from their feet and the feeble flapping of their wings, gobbles lifting up from the flurry of dirt and feathers. One gobbler in particular wandered out slowly from the gate, his mismatched eyes blinking one at a time as he turned his head upward to stare at the sky. 

"Oh no! And McGiblet has a rough start to the race as he gets distracted by the gates! It looks like everyone is neck and neck as they round the first turn, but Tom is just fast enough to take an early lead!" Ken's voice echoed through the racetrack, announcing each moment with anticipation. The group thundered down the track, but it wasn't long before the largest gobbler's feet got tangled with the bird next to her, the pair of them rolling to the side and crashing into the cardboard boxes lining the track. 

"And that takes out the rising star Mr. Belvedere and the giant Momma Bertha! I don't think they're going to be getting back up any time soon...oh, and what's this? It looks like McGiblet is getting back into the race! He's flying forward at an incredible rate!" he continued excitedly, watching with awe as the crowd cheered with vigor while the odd gobbler flew forward with his wings flailing in every direction. He quickly came up on the two remaining birds in the race, his flailing wings coming into harsh contact with Butter Ball as he whisked past him. 

"Butter Ball is down, ladies and gentlemen! The race is now between the reigning champion, Tom and McGiblet! I never thought I'd see this!" The two birds continued down the final stretch, gobbles and clucks rising up from them both before they crossed with a photo finish. A hush fell over the crowd as the photo was reviewed and put up on a large screen, McGiblet's neck extended forward to get a beak ahead of Tom. 

"And the winner of the Great Gobbler Race is McGiblet! Congratulations, little guy!" the crowd burst into a round of laughter and applause as the odd gobbler clucked and walked in circles at the finish, the rest of the birds coming up shortly after as they recovered from their falls. 

Makato moved to stand at the finish of the race with the winner, holding him over his head like some kind of trophy. "Those who bet for this amazing bird will be reciving 50 MP as a prize! Congratulations! Everyone who participated gets their own mistical turkey as a consolation prize." he gave a wide feline grin at that, bowing as he held a paw out toward Charitee as she moved out onto the field. 

"All the proceeds collected during this event will be given to miss Charitee to help those who don't have a home this holiday season. And don't worry, these lovely Gobblers have all earned their safety and won't be headed to any feast today! Thank you for your participation, and have a great Feast of Giving!" 


Happy Feast of Giving everyone! Prizes will be awarded on a rolling basis throughout the day, so stay tuned for all of that!

Step Right Up! - Posted: November 22, 2017

Things had been mercifully quiet throughout Mistica, things just now beginning to settle down after the imp and sprite war. Everyone went about their business as usual and spirits began to grow a little lighter as the seasons turned and the holidays drew ever closer. With the Feast of Giving right around the corner, many were out grabbing last minute ingredients and supplies as stores struggled to keep food on their shelves.

A lonely figure watched all of this happening from the stage in the center of the market square, a sly grin spreading across his features as people milled around him. Now that the crowds had gathered on their own it was time to take advantage of them! Nothing quite like getting easy money, right? Makoto stepped up on a wooden crate to get the attention of those around him, his voice raised and pitched to his best salesman tune.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Step right up and witness the best entertainment Mistica has to offer for Feast of Giving! It's new, it's bold, and it's tasty...it's Gobbler Racing!" he leapt up in excitement to pull the curtains aside to reveal several oddly-colored Gobblers in pens lined up on the front of the stage. It was hard to tell what the little creatures were thinking, but they were all quite cute. 

"These tasty birds will all be racing tomorrow for your entertainment and for their chance to escape being the center of the feast! Lucky little fellows, aren't they?" the Anya grinned at that, leaping up on the stage to walk past the pins and open them, all the Gobblers happily marching behind him like ducks in a row. They were clearly quite well trained. 

"The rules are simple; go on over to the Poll Booth to place your bet on the Gobbler you think will win. After that simply tune in tomorrow to see the exciting race and watch the winners collect their fabulous mystery prize! Everyone will win a consolation prize for participating, too, so what do you have to lose?" he gave a charming wink to the crowd at that, a paw held out toward the Gobblers to introduce them. 

"First up is this handsome devil, Tom! He's been the champion so far in all of our practice runs, so he's definitely shaping up to be a fan favorite!"

"Next up is Mr. Belvedere! He's a pretty shy fellow, but he's got some mean drumsticks just made for racing!"

"And this big momma is Bertha! Don't let her plump size fool you; this girl can really move when she's got the motivation!"

"This handsome fellow is McGiblet! He's a little...off...but he really looks determined today! Don't let the the fact that his eyes point in slightly different directions turn you away--I'm sure it helps him see everything that's happening on the race course!" 

"Our final racer today is Butter Ball, or Butters for short. He just recently joined our little Gobbler team and is fresh out of the oven--er, fields--so anything could happen!"


Go vote for your favorite Gobbler in the poll booth now, Misticans! You could win some fabulous prizes! Or, so Makoto says...maybe you should take "fabulous" with a grain of salt. 

Click the button above to head to the polls!


Check out the previous news post to see some lucky folks that were caught online! They'll be reciving a fun prize!

Friday the 13th! (Updated) - Posted: October 12, 2017

The spookiest day of the year has finally arrived in Mistica! Those of you who are superstitious may want to grab your good luck charms and hold them tight! Regardless of your luck, we're celebrating this Friday~

The jinx is now available to create for free today! They've also brought along some friends. If you would like a Gurahdi, Obsideon, or Stignightus, head over to the GIVEAWAY to get a Friday 13th Bag with one of their essences.

The stars have aligned and the bloodmoon jinx has re-appeared! 13 graces are available today in the credit shop for 500 MP each. They're sure to go quickly so make sure to grab yours while you have the chance!

Happy Friday the 13th!


*All 13 Blood Moon Jinx Graces have been purchased! 12:09 PM Mistic Time

Blessed Belragoth

Lanturn Caribyss

Plague Quari

Lanturn Lirionox

Blush Gurahdi

Frost Aetra

Pull Along Dosling

Orange Rainbow Scout Doll

Kohal Blade

Chocolate Pie

Arctic Cheran Beanbag

Grinding Wheel
Total Members: 4,645

Total Members Pets: 17,767

Total Unique Items: 11,635

Total Member-Owned Items: 1,608,138

Total Members Alliances: 60

Total Members Shops: 3,223

Total Mistic Cash in Bank: 7,132,115,790

Average Mistic Cash Per Member (**): 23,088,086

Total Forum Posts: 5,079

** - includes points and bank balance
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