Long Live the King - Posted: August 21, 2017

If you haven't read our previous news post please take the time to do so. There are important updates to be found there about the state of the site and what our plan is moving forward. Thank you for sticking with us, and we look forward to improving on the site together with your help!


Deep in a kingdom that smelled faintly of mold and sawdust, a nightmare foxusha crept through the underbrush looking for scraps of food. It sniffed at what looked like some kind of bagel when its ears pricked up at the sound of shouting.


“Where is it?!” King Mephitic shouted angrily. The two imp scouts looked at each other, the color draining away from their faces as a metal goblet smashed through the window and scared off the little pal. “I have searched high and low for it! That blasted mirror must be somewhere!”

The scouts looked at each other and wordlessly held out their fists, shooting a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to see who would have to go. The one who picked paper while the other had scissors groaned and headed off to the royal chamber to see their king. She approached slowly, almost tiptoeing forward and doing her best to keep her voice from shaking when she finally spoke.

She took a deep breath and put on a brave face. “King Mephitic--”

“Did you find my mirror?!” he interrupted, irritation lacing his tone.

She looked mildly annoyed, but quickly hid it, lest she incur his wrath. “No,” she shook her head. “I have another matter to discuss entirely.”

“Well, unless it pertains to my mirror, I don’t particularly care about any other matters!”

Another sigh escaped her; she seemed to be full of them today. “Sir, it might be important. The sprites wish to speak to you about something.”

“Tell them I have bigger caribyss to fry.”

“But the royal twins themselves wish to speak to you. They have sent you a formal summons...”

“Tell them not now!” Mephitic flipped over a serving tray with toast sending food flying everywhere.

The scout brushed the crumbs from her pants, a faint shrug lifting her shoulders. She was far too used to this sort of treatment. “They’re already here.”

“They’re what?!”

“Should we turn off all the lights and pretend we’re not home again, sir?”

Mephitic looked like he was searching the room for something else to throw. “No...send them in,” he said in defeat when he could find nothing within an arm’s reach.


The doors opened and a daydream belragoth carrying a large glowing orb entered. The belragoth stood still before the king and stared him down. As one of the sprite royal’s fiercest warriors, he feared no imp.

The white glow of the orb faded and was replaced with the visages of the royal twins themselves. “Mephitic,” the elder said in a serious tone.


“Aislin. Arman,” Mephitic replied. The tension in the air was clear, so the imp king opted to get on with it in order to ensure this conversation ended sooner. “Speak up, I haven’t got all day!”

“Mephitic,” Aislin repeated, emphasizing the importance of their visit. “We are here to discuss the matters that are going on in Mistica lately.”

“What matters?”

The twins looked at each other, wondering how anyone could really be this clueless to the chaos. “Well,” Arman piped in, “It would seem that some rogue imps have started a rather vicious...er...'prank war' with our people.”

“Is this what you came here to talk about? What care should I give to what a bunch of riotous little upstarts do with their spare time?” Mephitic asked with disinterest.

“Well sir,” Aislin said, “there’s the matter of rumors that they seem to be in possession of a magic mirror of sorts. It's how they've been managing all the trouble, and apparently there's something about a book regarding the origins of dayadreams and nightmares--”

From all surrounding areas of the forest down to the deepest and coldest of dungeons, the land shook like an earthquake with Mephitic’s angry response of “WHAT?!”

“It’s just a rumor, of course. If this mirror even exists only the imps have seen it,” Arman pointed out, brushing off the interruption much more gracefully than the previous scout had. If he was intimidated by the outburst he certainly didn't show it.

Mephitic flew off the handle instantly. “Who leads this bunch? What’s his name? Where is he? I order an official arrest warrant and a bounty on his capture! Hell, I'll capture him myself!”

“I believe he calls himself Robin,” Aislin offered, her face twisting into a thoughtful expression as she tried to recall the name. Mephitic froze in a wave of shock as a sudden bout of realization seemed to hit him. His gaze was empty as it looked past the twins. “Are you alright? Do you know this Robin?” she continued, a flicker of almost concern crossing her features.

Mephitic spun around on the balls of his feet and pointed at the scout still standing nearby. “Grab my coat! I’m going out!”

“Why do you need a coat? It’s a hundred degrees outside...” she pointed out.

“Then grab my sunscreen and the tacky T-shirt with the pineapples on it! Top drawer, next to the socks! I’m going out to get my darling son and when I find him, he’ll be grounded until he’s 375!”


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Oops! - Posted: July 24, 2017

The battle to construct the best headquarters and fortress was on. Imps and Sprites, along with their supporters, raided Rosebud’s shop every few minutes to stock up on supplies to beat the other team. Rainbow and nightmarish-colored items went out the door almost as fast as poor Rosebud could stock them. Yet, in their designated bases, mixed emotions were in the air.

Aibrean nervously looked around the fortress; everyone was lending a hand on hammering in the wood and making sure everything was perfect before bringing in more supplies. They’d been dealing with quite a few Imps stealing their supplies underneath their very own noses at Rosebud’s shop, but their determination would see them through! 

But then there was the letter…

Dear Aibrean,

I’m a little caught up at the moment, but I’ll be there soon! I know you all need my help so just hold on and wait for my return.

Wonderfully me,


The Sprite sighed, crinkling the edges of the page in her hands. This could go either way, and she wondered if it was even a good sign that he was willing to help them.

Things could only be classified as being an organized disorganized mess in the headquarters of the Imps. While they were doing a better job at obtaining materials, quite a few of them skipped the store and went straight to pranking the other team. From stealing everyone’s left sock and pillowcases, to using them as decoration inside the half-constructed base, the more they pulled ahead in the race to build their headquarters the more they began to get rowdy. To ensure their lead, Robin called his boisterous supporters to attention, only to be interrupted.

“Wait, Robin, what’s that in your hair?” Robin paused and rubbed his head curiously. Oh, right. He thought the glitter had been washed off in the stream he ran through. Oops.

“Oh, that… The sprites have come up with a plan to go barefoot and use their left socks to lead us into ambushes where they spray you with glitter spray.” Robin sighed dramatically, grabbing a nearby towel and trying to scrub the spray off. Rainbow glitter didn’t look good on him at all!

“But… their socks!”

“Yeah we need them for decorations!”

“I hate glitter.”

Robin calmed them down, towel still half on his head. He grinned, an expression his supporters knew all too well. He had a plan. With a green glow covering his fingers, he snapped them with a smirk, only to blink. "That'll show those Sprites! Now they can build with..." his words trailed off.

Wait…. Oh no… The building materials held in everyone's hands around him changed into…



Flowers? Robin sighed, guess his own prank against the Sprites backfired on them as well. Instead of only the Sprites' weapons turning, theirs had too.



Oh no! It looks like all of the building materials throughout Mistica have been changed into flowers! So much for a fort...


Great job on the Restock War everyone! Both sides are trying their best, and with the new event coming up soon it's still anyone's game. Make sure to check out the forums (specifically those RP ones...) for our next event!

Current Scores:

Imps: 21005 
Sprites: 20353

Giveaway and Stream - Posted: May 12, 2017

Time to get back on track with the daily giveaways! Today's giveaway goes to the only member who posted in Spot's Open Sketching Challenge thread.

Congratulations to Red, who has won a Summer Umbrella!

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Don's miss out on the ART STREAM tonight! Laufeyson is planning on finishing up the Overgrowth Jumboyo Revamp. It's scheduled to start at 7:00 PM Mistic Time, and a link to the stream can be found in the forums.


~The Mistic Team

Misticpets Tumblr Revamp - Posted: May 10, 2017

For those of you actively following the Misticpets Tumblr, you may have noticed how... inactive... it had become. With the increase in activity onsite recently, we also wanted to update our other communication outlets.

Raichurules has taken charge of revamping the Misticpets Tumblr. This includes changing the current theme, organizing the posts, and possibly hosting giveaways! If you haven't swung by and checked it out, you really should!

So tell us what you think. Do you like the new theme?

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