Coding Corner and Hero Rats! - Posted: August 20, 2014

Coding Corner!

 Please Pardon our Dust!
There has been a lot of behind the scenes coding going on at Mistica since the server move. We're not only working on fixing small issues that have poped up here and there, but also a whole slew of requested upgrades and even a few NEW FEATURES.

Keeping up with a live site like Mistic, while not having the same kind of down-time issues like other sites have, is quite the job, but one we are up to doing! If you happen to find something that's not working right, please let us know so that we can get it taken care of.

It the next week or so, we hope to have a couple new features out to Champions for testing. And tomorrow we are hoping to have the latest site upgrade ready for testing. Please remember that not only do Champions get access to new features first, but it's a great way to show your support and love for Mistica!


I think it's time that we break this very long silence and have a talk about what's going on with battle.  When last you saw it, it was unfortunately not in a finished, well-polished state. There were a lot of things that did not go as planned and a lot more things that just never came to fruition.

However, battle is most certainly not dead. It's a work in progress and something that I hope the community can enjoy when the time comes. Everything is being re-done from the ground up and there is a ton of work to do to get it where it needs to be. Months and months of planning have gone into making sure battle can live up to what it was always meant to be. You will see many of the features you've asked for and wanted, along with some exciting new features that will integrate with some other parts of the site in the future.

There is no set date at which battle will be released again; it will be done when it is completed. In the next couple of months, we will be approaching a time where testing will need to be done. Testing will be done in multiple phases to be sure everything works as intended and so that we have time to make adjustments before the big unveiling. More information will be provided in the coming weeks and months.

Everyone now has access to all 10 icons in chat when it is open, so be sure to check your options in Preferences. New options and updates are coming soon!


We've received a Hero Rat update on Aurelius and Pandoria. 
For our newer members, a Hero Rat is a rat trained in Mine Detection and/or Tuberculosis Testing, and they are doing important work in countries where these things remain a big issue!
MisticPets supports the training of two of these special heroes, and when updates are received, we like to share them with everyone and to cheer them on! 

Congratulations! Pandoria just passed its second blind test, also technically known as the five-meter test. As in Pandoria’s first blind test, her trainer did not know where the targets were hidden. Whenever Pandoria scratched at the ground for three seconds or longer, her trainer reported to an observing supervisor that a detection response had been made. The supervisor marked the location of each response on a map of the field and later reported Pandoria’s test results to the trainer. Pandoria found all of the mines in a 5 by 24 meter area without scratching more than once over an area that did not contain a landmine. 

Pandoria is well on its way to clearing land and saving lives, and will be rewarded with extra mangos and play time today. Aurelius may be a few months behind Pandoria, but his TB training is well under way as he participates in 'odor discrimination training'.


~Mistic Team

A Promise Fulfilled - Posted: August 9, 2014

Dakota pulled his hat lower over his eyes as he stepped out from the shade of the repository. He looked up at the sky, blue and clear, but the skeleton in the relic room had his mind occupied.


It wasn’t labeled but the bones were perfectly preserved and displayed with expensive metal wire coated to resist corrosion. Dakota even suspected some magic was involved. Why would someone take such care and then not bother to label what they’d preserved?

Dakota sighed and leaned up against what had been called the Lost Door. The gargoyles would have to find a new title for themselves, he thought, though Blackrock was living out the “guardian” part quite well. Gargoyle guards, stern and armed, were always stationed at the door’s entrance. They were looking at Dakota with raised eyebrows now, as though wondering why he was desecrating their sacred relic with his shoulder.


A little unnerved, Dakota decided to head back inside. Maybe there was something he missed about that skeleton…


But all was as he’d left it. The lirionox growled, kicked a rock at the wall just because and turned to leave again, only to be suddenly face to face with Pandoria.


The goddess stood there quite calmly. In fact, she had a bit of a smile on her face; Dakota wondered if she thought his startled expression funny and scowled.

“I see you’ve found this place. I wondered when you would,” she said.

Dakota snorted. “And a great help you’ve been,” he retorted.

Pandoria’s jaw tightened but, to Dakota’s surprise, she didn’t smite him then and there for his attitude. Instead she held out her staff and the gem atop it began to pulse and glow. White tendrils of light shot out and formed themselves into what Dakota recognized as a fossil, looking oddly like it would fit the skeleton Pandoria stood beside.

“You will start finding these soon,” she explained, “and when you do, bring them to Raimia. She will know what to do with the magic I left in them.”

“What are you talking about? Fossils? Are you bringing back creatures from the dead now?” Dakota demanded.

“In a sense,” Pandoria said, “they’ve always had life left in them, preserved until now. These Lysadors have a fascinating history, you know…you must ask one to tell you how they helped me once, long ago. And now, my promise is fulfilled.” And with a coy smile the goddess was gone.

Dakota blinked, feeling blindsided. He’d come here for relics, but reports had recently come in of imps sneaking around, and now this...

Introducing the Lysador!

These special pets will be quite hard to get, but you'll definitely have fun trying!  Their relics can be found in the last level of Mining, so be sure to check in and get your digs in to grow that level!

Once you have them, you'll be able to visit the library and Raimia through the Repository! She will work her magic, and you will be able to choose your color and all other information. 

And to start things off, what better way to welcome the Lysador to Mistic than with a few giveaways?

1st- TWO lucky winners that are chosen randomly from the comments on this newspost will receive the FIRST Lysadors onsite.
(drawing will be tonight at 11;30pm- 8/9/14)

2nd- All members who spend more than $10 in credits will receive an entry into a raffle for a Lysador.

3rd- Legacy Token - Remember that mysterious figurine?

4th- Any member who spends $50 or more in a single transaction this month will recieve a Lysador Relic as a gift.  
(Previous sales will count, but they will be sent AFTER the newspost winners receive their prize!) 

Be sure to sport this new default avatar in the forums if you love it! 

~Mistic Team

Grand Opening! - Posted: August 8, 2014

Click above to explore!
The sun rose just a few short hours later and as predicted the imps had given up on their search and left Aibrean be. Lights came on in the shops, doors were propped open to invite others to come in, and a few table displays were set up outside to show off some of the things one could buy in the store. Soraya was surprised to see Aibrean sleeping peacefully on a large sack of moon dust and she wondered where the sprite had come from. She remembered that she had been expected to visit Raimia, but had apparently taken a wrong turn somewhere.

“Perryn, put some tea on the stove. We have a guest!” she shouted to her partner.


“Welcome everyone, one and all!” a tall and domineering gargoyle said as his doors opened for the first time to a throng of customers. “I hope you're enjoying your visit to our Quarry! Due to the influx of travelers, I am pleased to announce our grand opening!”

The Quarry is open, which means it's time for everyone to start enjoying some fun activities centered around this area.

Be sure to visit the giveaway to get your stone Pickaxe, you are going to need it!

You can enter the dig site from two areas on the quarry map. On the main map, as well as an area  inside the repository. Speaking of which, the Repository has been unveiled, go see all the wonders!

(click above for the forum guide!) 

At the bottom of the dig site, you'll notice your level indicator.
Everyone starts out at Level 1.
Each week of consecutive digging raises you one level. 
Once levels are open, you may dig where you choose.
Each level has unique opportunities for items.

Sneak Peek of items on each level:
Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

What will we do with all these trinkets we dig up?
Good question, it's time for...

Crafting with Soraya and Perryn!
When you enter their shops, you'll see craft plans!

Perryn's Craft plans have the Blackrock sigil on them:

While Soraya's has a diamond!

Utilizing these plans, and the recipes on the helpsite, you can make hundreds of items! Here's a small viewing!


And much, much more!

A guide is in the forums in Mistic Chat, and we'll answer any questions on the mining and crafting there on the board.

Enjoy the fun Mistica!


~Mistic Team 

A DASH of Fun! - Posted: July 14, 2014


Well, the request was sent in for a ballroom, Pandoria herself can whip out an amazing foxtrot, but something seems to have gotten lost in translation, because now we have a BALL PIT!
Tumble on in Mistica! 

What a crazy weekend, full of fun and cheer for many across the world of Mistica.  We are proud to introduce, for your pets fun... The Mistic BallPit!  Hours of entertainment for your pets!

You can take a turn every 3 hours, but come back in 2 if you are a Champion! The price is steep at 1700mc, but well worth it, and look at how excited your pet is! 

Now pets seem to be dissapearing in the ballpit... but do not fear; the owners are offering an extra hour in the ballpit for the inconvenience!*

Go ahead, have a ball and JUMP IN!
You can find the game in our Game Garden! 

~Mistic Team
*pets will not vanish utilizng this game* 

May Kohal

Terror Anya

Frost Stignightus

Nocturnal Kirui

Overgrowth Cheran

Nightmare Quari

4th Anniversary Haruba Plush

Old Tire

Toxic Lirionox Plushie

Swamp Haruba Plushie

Wind up Rat

Rainbow Lollypop
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