Added By: Dragonfly
I've been on this site for 10 years, it's such a shame to see it as it is now. I don't blame the staff for taking a step back, Zara seriously needs to sell the site if she can't be here.
Added By: puredream
Uh hi. I probably shouldn't be here but today on a whim I decided to check this site. I am sorry I did. I know I have been a real jerk the past couple years out of pure frustration, and I am sorry.
Added By: puredream
I never wanted to see the site end up this way and it is disheartening. I wish the staff all the luck in the world and still hope one day Zara will get her butt in gear. -scuttles off-
Added By: Coreath
Can't say I'm surprised; I could see the signs when I was on staff a few years ago, but it's sad to see that it's only getting worse. Problematic patterns of behavior are why I ended up leaving then-
Added By: Coreath
-so I get how difficult it can be to deal with. All the effort you guys have put forth has been greatly appreciated, trust me.
Added By: Lantern
Aw, really sad to see this site sinking even deeper into the depths, but I understand 100%. Everyone is just burned out and unmotivated now. I wish something was done about it. Zara needs to decide :(
Added By: Aurora
I feel like I've been on Mistic forever so the state of things is really tough to see. I hope that one day Zara will step up and make the needed changes or sell the site to someone who can. -
Added By: Aurora
- Thank you to the staff for all their amazing work in these difficult times.
Added By: Sherry
Beyond sad to see this, but completely understand the staffs' position. Many thanks for all you've done and I wish you well.
Added By: Nikarona
Thank you for all the hard work you have put into Mistic