Added By: punka
Totally understand the staffs position, am super sad it's come to this.
Thanks so much to all of you who've kept it going this long..giant hugs n happy St Patricks day!
Added By: LonelyRyu
Yes, thanks for the hard work and while I understand the issues this is indeed an ominous sign that this site will most likely be removed...
Added By: Orion
Sad to hear this, but not surprised. Thank you for the hard work that the staff has put in trying to creatively make the site function. I'm curious to see how things end up.
Added By: Kim
It seems like, almost any site I put a lot of heart into with my pets, this ends up becoming part of the "norm" =/

I'm disheartened to see yet another community I loved, shrivel
Added By: LilacRose
Thank you for all you've done to keep Mistica alive.
Added By: Wolf
I knew this was a long time coming. But seeing this post, I felt my heart break. I was holding onto a shred of hope, but I'll just accept the fate of mistic at this point. Thank you to all the staff
Added By: Wolf
- For giving it your all. I had a wonderful 8 years while it lasted, and the friends and characters I made while I was here will always hold a place in my heart.
Added By: Rowena
Thank you staff so much! Will be extremely sad to see the site go. Love to everyone!
Added By: Silcoonsixx
Added By: BlueTrillium
Thank you for all your hard work, staff
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