Added By: Jzbelle
I'm not even a pink/hearts kinda girl, but I just love Mistic in February. :)
Added By: Thor
That sushi looks good ;0;
Added By: glamourgirl
Is the lovebug headband a cs item? Will it restock anytime soon? I remember it wasn't in cs last year either.
Added By: Arachnid
But we can't buy MP...
Added By: Memorv
So, the Crystalized Toadstool changes them into whatever month it is? I've been trying to figure this out lol.
Added By: Lantern
Such gorgeous items... Must. Resist. xD
Added By: Aurora
Memorv, yeah each month is a different colour. You can see on the helpsite which month the colour you want will be
Added By: Scientist
Since the conversion limit has been raised there is ample opportunity to scrape together some savings for these new CS items. ;) We are working to find other alternatives to getting premium currency
Added By: Scientist
in the meantime, as well.
Added By: Memorv
Thanks, Aurora!