Added By: Tetra
Love you so much Misticpets team!
Added By: AngelMew
Wishing you all the best, you've put in so much hard work and it's very appreciated, bless you!
Added By: kat
Best wishes and love to Zara and the Misticpets team!!
Added By: Arachnid
So that's why Champ gifts are delayed? I believe in all of you, keep up the good work.
Added By: Cleopatra
You are all doing a wonderful job working around the blocks to make the site a great place to be, so I just want to commend you all on that. And I hope that Zara makes a good recovery!
Added By: Odin
Super healing wishes for Zara!
Added By: LilacRose
May 2018 be a wonderful year for everyone associated with Misticpets! Misticpets Team, thank you for all your hard work. Zarabeythe, you're in our thoughts!
Added By: punka
Thanks so much dears...hopefully soon someone will give another update on Zara soon...Happy NewYear to everyone...hugs n loves
Added By: Stardust
Wishing the Misticpets Team and Zara all the best.
Added By: MewNarumi
-hugs to Mistic team and Zara-