Added By: Lantern
Ooh such pretty items!
Added By: seiga
Does the 7-day Champion Dust from the advent calendar count, or would I have to use a 1-month dust? :o
Added By: Raichurules
7 Day Champions do not get the monthly Champion Gift. You have to use a normal Champ Dust to get it. I’ll update the news once I get home to reflect this.
Added By: punka
What a sweet gift!
Added By: punka
What about the folks who used the year long upgrade? They won’t be able to activate any dust. Will they still get the gift? And I assume it means activated thrughout January?
Added By: Red
@punka we receive our gifts on the same schedule as any other champ. Your assumption is correct, I have gotten gifts in the past even when I activated my dust halfway through the month.
Added By: Red
IDK exactly how staff determine when to give out gifts, though. My guess is that they receive notifications whenever someone becomes a champ and gift them manually.
Added By: Odin
Thank you for the give away.