Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 2
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

For the Artists: Do you work on separate items/assignments such as one person does foods, another plushies etc. Who comes up with the ideas?
Asked By SkyEaglet

The art department is awesome in its leeway for allowing us to work on whatever it is that we feel like drawing up. We each have a To-do list of a variation of items, be it quest, food, toy, clothing, book, etc. type items. In addition to that, we have project threads, geared towards specific activities or needs, where we can contribute if we want to claim certain items or if the topic inspires us (and inspire they do!). We're also allowed to pitch our own ideas to the rest of the team, and it's resulted in some wonderful projects that we have in the works for all of you. ~Spot
...What Spot said. :O ~Zen
I don't know what you guys are talking about. I get the items that I'm going to do by lurking around the item lists and seeing what other people want. Then I take them. Right in front of their noses. >8D ~Tien

Writers: I know you do a wonderful job on descriptions but do you work as a team on the plot ideas?
Asked By SkyEaglet

Yes we do and there are a couple of ideas being worked on right now. The writers also work with the other departments too in developing these plots. ~Skyhawk

We've got some wonderful concepts that we're developing, though the focus isn't exactly on them at the moment. There is inter-team communication on the staff forums, though I think we would all like to have even more. ~Dishonor

Shari: What role do you see yourself taking in the future?
Asked By SkyEaglet

I am becoming more involved in the art and writing departments. The plan is to take on as much as I can to free Zara up for the coding side of things. ~Shari

Are there any plans to clean out frozen / very unused accounts soon?
Asked By Obsideon

Well, Velvet (Obsideon), I believe that you've already gotten your answer in regards to banned accounts. XD ~Dishonor

Will the pet names on frozen/very unused accounts be reset, so we could use them for future pets =3
Asked By Matrix

As with Velvet's question, poke around the news for May 26th! ~Dishonor

Do you have any new flash games in store for us in the near future?
Asked By Ryuuko

Bweeheeheeee!! *cough* ....ahem. ^__^
Taunting giggling aside, I'm no coding guru with flash, but I'm doing what I can to learn a bit about it, so hopefully there will be some changes in that area soon. ~Spot
My response is much the same as Spot's, though giggles are beneath my...totally insane and maniacal lack of dignity, so instead: *EVIL CACKLE* ~Dishonor

Will all the pets eventually get to be of each theme? Perchance a Storm Skillow?
Asked By faeriella

Eventually, all pets will be available in all themes. Or, at least, if there isn't a pet in a particular theme, there will be eventually :D - LazyKat

What would you do with a 3 inch x 3 inch piece of paper, a string, and 5 minutes?
Asked By yaya1234

option a) Draw on the paper.
option b) Fold the paper into origami.
option c) Be completely distracted by the string. It's the cat in me. D=
Well. First I would throw away the paper and the string, and then I would take a 5 minute nap. -Zen
I would...stare at it...-Xeaviel
I could use the paper to find out how long my string is :D - LazyKat
If I was in a second grade-ish mood, I'd fold the paper into a mini-airplane. I'm missing a shoelace in my right sneaker, so I'd loop the string in as a shoelace. I'm tragically bad at lacing shoes though--so it might take more than 5 minutes. ~Dishonor
Put one end of the string in the middle of the paper, crumple the paper around it, and dangle it over my little sister while she tried to catch it with her paws. I mean her hands. .. meow 8D - Tien
... Draw more gummies? - Parody

What is an average day like for members of the moderating, art, and writing staff?
Asked By Ryuuko

For a typical day for me I read all the posts in the staff forums that is new. That includes all the departments since I like to be on the same page as everyone else. After I do some reading I’ll add anything new for the writers if the art is there. If not then I do some tidy work in the writers area and once everything is tidy up I’ll do my writing stuff. I do a lot of writing at night since I like to write at night for some reason but I will write during the day too if I feel the bite to do it. ~SkyHawk
Wake up. Sign on to computer, do daily internet tasks, read comics. Go participate in real life activities, like class or grocery shopping. Come back home in the evening. Spend evening/night drawing or on the computer, the majority of it on Misticpets, the staff forums, or working in art programs. XD Bonus: weekends involve more computer time, and occasionally less mundane/more exciting real life activities. ~Spot

I start my day like every other red-blooded American. I wake up at 2 pm, grumble a bit, roll over, sleep for another half hour, get up, amble on over to my computer, do my schoolwork and if time permits I do art for Mistic. I spend pretty much all day on the computer and eating, and then my brain finally shuts down around 5 or 6 am. Intermittently I may stop to pet my cats or if things come in the mail that are shiny and require screwdrivers, I will provide said screwdrivers and build them. :3 *pets my Mossberg 500 with tactical stock* -Zen

Hm, lets see...I wake up (around 11:00am or so), do whatever chores my mother has set up for me. Then I am online till around 4:00am. Yes, I know I spend a long time on the computer and hardly get rest XD. When I'm online, I might eat once and a while but I mainly have 7 billion tabs of Mistic open *exaggerates* and then a few of the other sites I go on...My computer hates me XD because of this. -Xeaviel

As a lazy bum and a procrastinator at large, my schedules are all extremely non-formulaic. I tend to do things in sporadic spurts, in that sometimes, I'll do work for a large part of the day for a few days, and then I will sink into the land of doing-nothing-ness for another few days. ~Dishonor

My typical day is full of college! As a Biology student in college...I don't do much but go to class. When I'm done with class, I study and do homework! If I have time, I might get a few drawings done. =D - Zebra

Well see, beginning around the 25th of every month I spend 7 hours a day more or less online working on art.. and because I'm a perfectionist I finish things oh so very slowly. It's basically wake up, hop on to the computer, and draw on my tablet until my eyes twitch and my fingers bleed. D= Thank you, procrastination! - Tien

I usually wake up around 6 A.M. and, if it's not a school day, go back to sleep. |3 Then I'll try to make a decision on which old ps2 RPG I'd like to play. After hack'n'slashing myself into a stupor, I feed my cats. I have a lot of them, and they tend to eat... a lot. Then I spend the rest of my day online. Doing magical things in front of my computer screen, such as making about 2356823756129375 sets of gummy candy items for you all to enjoy. 8D - Parody

What is/are your favorite item(s)? Artists~How/when did you first learn to draw things such as items, pets, etc.?
Asked By Dollie

;) We always have something in the works, but there's no telling as far as release-dates go!
Eep. My favourite item used the be the Hummingbird Toy, but there were less items then, and now it's impossible to choose!
MisticPets took me on back-in-the-day *wields cane*, when I was just learning items. I'd say that the artists here taught me the most about drawing for petsites, and I'm always grateful that MisticPets went out on a limb and gave me the opportunity

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