Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 19
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

what\'s your favorite part of working for the site?

Asked By Kama

Caustic- Helping write up the plots. Mistica has such a wide range of interesting characters -- Boreal, the shopkeepers, the sprites and imps -- and it's SO much fun creating stories and activites around them for all of our events.

Xeaviel- I suppose its getting to know people and the ability to help keep the site clean and safe for the most part

Zara, this is a super fun site to be on, and there are soo many people who love it! I\'m only fourteen right now, and I sometimes talk to people who are in their late teens, early twenties, and so on. It makes
Asked By Pretzel

Yes, I do think it will Pretzel!   I know that I'm not going anywhere, and we have a pretty big bunch of amazingly dedicated people. Community and staff both. I think Mistic will continue to grow and that we are going to be around for a very, very long time.

(and thank you for your kind words! :D )

Who would win in a fist slap fight, Aurelius or Boreal?

Asked By Chao

Xeaviel- Boreal xD I bet her nails would sting! Now, I wouldnt want to get in a slap fight with Blithe,i mean look at those claws!

Caustic- Neither! Geez, we're talking about a fully fledged star and an ice queen! There would have to be explosions and magic involved somewhere. Although Avie does have a point about the nails.

What do you think sets Mistica apart from other pet sites?

Asked By Starshine

In my opinion, I think what sets Mistica apart is our heart. We\'ve survived, and hung on for so long. We\'ve fought to be here, and we did it together. The community is amazing, and the staff care more than about the bottom line. We are all working towards creating and nurturing this amazing site and we are doing it together.

I\'d like to ask a question about the Rordon Gold. I was wondering because we\'ve had so many new members, will you be re releasing the events that led to us being able to get the Gold? I know I missed out on getting certain pieces and wouldn\'
Asked By Dragonfly

The Rordon Gold will most likely make its apperance again in the future. We'll rotate ideas, change things up here and there. The plot last spring incorporated it and gave it a use, but that doesn't mean that we are necessarily done with it!

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