Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 1
Created by The Mistic Pets Team

How did you two become so awesome? It was a magical vial, wasn't it? I need the secret location =x
Asked By Lor

Zara--We do not know of this awesome of which you speak. Magical vial? I suggest you talk to to the penguin on the left with the ice cream please. If you need a secret location, we will refer you to the Mistican Secret Service. I'm sure they can help you.

Shari--It may have something to do with Champion dust?

How many push ups can both of you do together within a minute?
Asked By FallenDreams

Zara & Shari --We refuse to answer on the grounds of...girlyness

Do you like drinking tea, or walking together? Or... since you know eachother IRL, what activities do you often do together?
Asked By Kioris

Zara-- We always end up working on the site!

Shari--We like to go out for mexican food!

Will there ever be more Koko and Kratork themes? I'd like to get these species eventually when I get more slots, but they have hardly any themes.
Asked By Mythology

Zara & Shari-- Yes, we do plan on making all of our pets in all themes available in the end. As some of the newest pets, the Kratork and Koko (And the Zokuleon) do have some catching up to do!

What do you guys plan to do with the Rordon gold?
Asked By Jesus

Zara & Shari-- *giggle and a wink*

How do you pronounce Draklaita?
Asked By Jerisho

Zara-- Drack-Lay-Tuh

Well. When are you going to be looking for some item-artists again?
Asked By Susa177

Zara--We are in the midst of a lot of changes. We will always announce when we open applications in the news and give everyone plenty of time to apply.

What do you have in store for games? I love the games we have already, but I was wondering if you're making more?
Asked By Odin

Zara & Shari-- We have just had a lot of expansion and definitely still have some developments up our sleeve so to speak.

Will there be more new pet releases this year? And, will the amount of MC you`er allowed to make on games ever increase?
Asked By 69Blackbirds

Zara-- Simply put, yes. And there will be changes to the 'cap' at some point.

If you had the money/programmers or whatever needed what would you love to do with the site?
Asked By Deedlitmon

Zara-- Well, we are doing what we have been and expanding as much we are able. Hopefully the improvements will mark an increase in site profit, which is...staying right here with the site. :)

Will there be any new box themes soon?
Asked By toad1105

Zara- The box themes are the stuff of dreams. What fantasies fill your head when lying in bed?

Shari-Who knows what could happen when Pandoria gets stuck in the middle?

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