Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 77
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Soaring higher than ever before! Just make sure to predict and study which way the winds are blowing so you can smoothly adjust your course.


Although Lanturacht is now over with, your mischievous side just can’t be tamed! As long as your jokes and pranks aren’t too menacing, make sure it’s in all fun. Mistmas is coming, and I’m sure you know that MeriKlaus is watching. Don’t end up on the bad list this year.


Having trouble with luck lately? Is it almost like 50/50 whether or not something good or bad will happen? Don’t worry, soon your troubles will be over. But for now, try not to spend all your MP or MC all in one go, spread it out so that your ever-changing luck won’t hit you at once when it drops.


You’re rich, YOU’RE RICH! Oh wait, that was just a dream? Hmmm, but didn’t you just find some MC just laying around? It could be that some parts of yours dreams may be trying to indicate something that is about to happen. It’s not as important as a Gourix’s naval dream, but try to keep a log about them and see if anything during that day jumps out at you.


Things have been as slow as waiting for a Belragoth to wake up after a long nap. Try and stop doing what you’re doing and try something new. There’s always something fresh and exciting to do on Mistica. Perhaps discuss what really lies beyond in Dire Morana or try to find lost cities in the wilderness. I heard of a strange rainbow whirlpool rumor that had been going around a few weeks ago… 


You got lost again, didn’t you? While it may be Leo’s time to search for adventure, you need to get back into the safety of the city. Looking for that lost treasure with that map is not a good idea when your sense of direction has been flipped upside down. Take a nap, a series of naps, or read a good book until next month. January will brighten up your life once more. Try not to get lost going home, okay?


Looks like someone is having too much fun having a good old time! Although fun is very important, remember to slow down a bit and don't let life just pass your by. You may miss something important.


The stars are aligned and your life is now filled with wonder. Be sure to gaze up at the heavens – only when it’s night out of course – and pick a random star. Who knows what will come from finding out what star it is, and how it will affect you in this coming month.


Your wallet is crying, either it was that or the moth that just flew out of it. Whether it was because you sent your pets to the resort for a well-deserved rest or on that special item Monty had in store for you, it’s probably time to sit back and calculate your expenses. Mistmas is coming after all!


Have quests been giving you a terrible time? Try restocking the shops for a while to build up another income. You’ll have to spend money to make money, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Who knows, maybe you may need that one item on the next quest!


Stop rushing around. Just stop, you don’t want to start panicking because your Mistmas shopping isn’t done yet. You’ll be fine as long as you clear your head and plan out shopping trips. Although holidays are important, remember, it’s a time to be with family.


Snow? Cold? Bundle up or else you may have the onsets of a cold. You’ve probably been under the weather, but that will soon change as you huddle close to the fire. Drink up some hot cocoa or drain the rest of the pumpkin spice coffee you snagged and you’ll be on your way back to being healthy!

Written By Xeiana

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