Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 75
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Creativity looms in the near future. Grab it and see what wonders you can create and show it to the world! No matter what your medium or talent, it will only grow and blossom in time. You can do it!


A storm is on the horizon. I'd suggest staying away from the beach and wait until everything blows over. Negativity can come from everywhere, so try and smooth things over until everything clears up.


Things go up before they go down and vice versa. It seems you're in a sticky situation that can go either way. Regardless, prepare for the worse, but aim for the best. By being prepared, there is nothing that can slow you down.


You've probably been talking about doing things left and right, yet just haven't started on it. Now's your time to shine, so throw away that procrastination like it's the soggy newspaper you fished up and get working!


Hold onto your mistic cash! Financial problems loom in the future if you don't stem your spending habits. Perhaps you should put some of it away into a savings and wait a while. There's nothing good to come out of having an empty wallet.


Well aren't you just a skipping ball of sunshine! Use that shining light of positive energy to share with others and lift their spirits. A little help goes a long way and the act of kindness will always be returned.


Something favorable is in your future, and this is not just a small stroke of luck. Whether it is winning the lottery or fishing up one of those carrots or tasty fish, you'll be a winner! Just remember, lady luck is very fickle, so grab that fortune quickly before she runs away with the chance!


Feel like climbing a mountain? With how rocky things have been lately, it seems that you keep climbing and climbing yet get nowhere. Believe in yourself! Soon you will reach the peak and all that hard work shall be rewarded.


Bottling up negative emotions is never a good thing, yet you seem to be doing just that. It's alright to let off some steam and avoid an eruption.


You've been on a long journey of twists and turns, many of them uplifting! Your determination and energy will secure the dream that looms in the distance. Keep your head up and go!


Take a nap and dream a little. You've been working hard, maybe on restocking your shop or saving up for that prized MP, but there's reward in resting up afterwards. Nothing like a sweet dream to re-energize yourself and get you pumped. Besides, if your pets can relax at the Bamboo Resort, you deserve the same treatment.


There are so many questions and doubts that have been plaguing you for a while. It's time to sit down with someone, or even yourself, and sort through everything. Cuddle up with a pet or two and take steps to reassure yourself.

Written By Xeiana

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