Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73
Created by The Mistic Pets Team


Bring some citronella candles with you next time your pal is adventuring for goodies. The fairies saw what you did to that mosquito and they're coming for you next!


Don't eat the pomme that you found on the floor at Keilly's. We can't believe that we even still have to tell people that.


Fortune smiles upon you, but not on your little brother whose piggybank you just stole.


You are about to be karate chopped by an inarbu who is angry with you for getting the name he wanted in the last account clearing.


Your skillow has been stealing shiny things from the people in the neighborhood. Have fun explaining to Officer Coppa when he shows up at your door that you already knew because your horoscope told you!


This month you will finally learn the much speculated answer to an age old question: How many cherai can you fit in a bathtub?


No matter how hot it gets, just remind yourself this: At least you never opened an inferno Pandoria box or moved to the Ravi-Sorin Desert.


Congratulations! The fact that you're still alive and reading this right now means that our previous prediction of you getting carried off into the forest by a rainbow of angry butterflies really was just a misread of the stars!


Beware of aliens who will come to your house and abduct your toaster for nefarious toast making purposes.


You can look forward to a summer full of both excitement and disappointment! Someone tipped off your pets as to how many packages of strawberry gelatin it takes to fill up a hot tub at the Bamboo Beach Resort, so good luck getting away from them for a while...


What's a better way for an Aquarius to stay cool than to jump in a pool? Just beware: That snickering baby anya in the quari inner tube may have peed...


There is nothing under your bed and there are no imps standing in your closet waiting to steal your Rainbow Scout trading card collection. The sounds you hear are all in your head.

Written By Fallout

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